Europe Launches the Brexit Commemoration Coins

The United Kingdom exodus from the European Union was a move that many did not expect. The UK referendum to exit from the EU took place on June of 2016. The majority of the citizens forming the EU never imagined that one day they would ever disintegrate. Brexit became a historical event that the world and the Europeans will take some time to erase from their minds.

The exit affected the currency used by the EU, as the UK had to come up with other coins. Besides, the European stock markets felt the impact of the exit.

The majority of the UK citizens feared that the departure would cause an economic risk. Therefore, they started buying gold bars and keeping gold coins in their homes. This was a precautionary measure in case the event resulted in a currency crisis. The move led to a significant decline of gold coins in the market.

As a way of remembering this historical and unexpected event, the cook island developed a program to Mint coins to mark this event. It came with three coins made of silver and gold. The program made 999 fine silver coins, 9999 coins of five-dollar fine gold, and 9999 coins of twenty-dollar fine gold.

The Brexit gold coin bears the effigy of Rank-Broadley and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the second as well as the Union Jack Flag. All the coins have an outline of Europe map on one side. In addition, the coins have the words “BREXIT” and the date the Britain separated from the EU.

The coin minting company in Europe is using the Coin Smart Trust Investment technology to produce lighter and thinner coins than the previous coins. The coins have different weights and volumes. The silver coin weighs three grams and has a radius of thirteen millimeters. The $5 fine gold coin weighs 0.5grams and has a diameter of eleven millimeters. Besides the $20, the fine gold coin has a mass of 3.1 grams and a diameter of twenty-six millimeters.

Additionally, the coins have been accorded special mintage limit. The pure silver coin has a mintage limit of 2016 pieces. The $5 fine gold coin has a mintage limit of ten thousand pieces while the $20 fine gold coin has a mintage limit similar to that of the silver coins.

Notably, the US did not acquire the contract to distribute the coins. Despite this move, the Brexit coin gained popularity so fast, and within few days of its mintage, it sold out.

If you need more information regarding the Brexit silver and gold coins, you can view all the types in the WNN gallery. Also, if you would like to talk or connect with the Coin world, you can sign up for their newsletter, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter.

Norka Luque sings hope with a beautiful voice

There is always something behind Latino music that shifts one spirit to dance. Famous singers like Shakira, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez have crossed the world with a legendary Latin music. These musicians have managed to turn American dance clubs to Latino inspired hugs. Great singers have been known to withstand the test of time. They have broken to the exclusive world of pop music to make a name for themselves. There is one Venezuelan singer Norka Luque who has been making a name for herself. The young artist is quickly rising to become a Latino sensation.


Norka released her first album in 2011, it immediately became a hit and was sung and danced in several dance clubs in Venezuela, Miami and Puerto Rico. The second single song was MILAGRO, the song too became a top in Billboard Dance Charts. It found its way in several dance clubs and gained a huge following. MILAGRO stayed at the top of Venezuelan Music Charts for 14 weeks.


Luque’s journey through music has never been a bed of roses. She has had to struggle with her career and her health for many years. Her health hit a downfall in 2014 due to frequent epileptic attacks. She had a brain surgery at the end of 2015 and managed to quickly recover. Such hardships are what motivates her to sing for hope and motivation. Luque is today more committed to her career than ever. She has released several subsequent top single.


The refusal to give up and sacrifices to her career have hugely paid off. She has worked with famous producers like Emilio Estefan Jr. Working with top producers in the industry has launched her path to success. Norka’s music today focuses on hope and a positive message. She continues to push this message forward since she wants many people to follow in her steps. Her journey has not been an easy one but she has never given up. She wants her music to inspire people not to give up on their dreams even when they go through several hardships. Norka Luque today follows the path of successful Latino musicians to become the next star.


When look is not spending her time working on her music, she is engaged in other interests in her life. She has in the past had a passion to travel all over the world. She has a love for food and sports too. Her favorite game is tennis.

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Town Residential Is At Your Service

When you deal with TOWN Residential real estate, you will be in the right hands. They are excellent at what they do, and they no the NYC area like the back of their own hands. Since they have lived and worked in the area, they are in tune with what people are looking for. Whether you like a quiet or noisy area, lots to do or none to do, or for that matter, whatever your wishes are, they have it. They not only have it, they can get it for you. TOWN Residential is so good at what they do, and they will show you as soon as you begin talking to them.


The TOWN Residential Team


All of the people that work for TOWN Residential are trained professionals. They are experienced at what they do, and they can get things done in a quick manner. Since they have a variety of issues to look at, it is important that you tell them what you are interested in when you first begin the process with them. Using them will be a breeze when you are open about your situation, and what will do well for you.


Are TOWN Residential Agents Good?


Yes, absolutely, the TOWN Residential agents are exceptional. They are trained and professional. Their experiences have led them to know so much more about the industry than you could imagine. They can help you at TOWN Residential, so be sure to give them a call whenever you start the process of looking. The more you tell them, the better they can serve you. Let them be your guide through the real estate game. You surely will enjoy it when you utilizes their services.


You can’t go wrong when you deal with the professionals at TOWN Residential. They are the best at what they do because they have been doing it for so long. The TOWN Residential is there to assist you with your move, either coming or going to NYC. They are specialists that are able to handle either situation with the best results. You will be pleased with what TOWN Residential can do for you.

Sam Tabar Graces New Investors with His Wisdom

Sam Tabar is an attorney and financial investment dynamo. He has worked for many years as a financial capital strategist and in doing so he has made tons of money for himself and his clients. He was trained as a lawyer at Columbia University and while there he formed key relationships that allowed him to land a job at the infamous law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Sam’s responsibilities while here included advising hedge funds and other big investors on the best way to handle their millions of dollars of assets in the market. He handled the issuing of side letters, regulatory and compliance issues, investment management agreements, and fund structuring. This inspired Sam to get directly involved with Investment Advisement and so he branched out and joined Sparx Group in 2004.

Sam Tabar was a rockstar at Sparx Group and so he became the Managing Director and head of Business Development within a few years. Sam wants to share some of his hard earned wisdom about the financial markets so that new investors can make smart decisions that will help them increase their retirement savings and live the life of their dreams. Sam Tabar believes that there is little more important than making sure you have a diversified portfolio of stocks. This matters for controlling risk. If you put everything you have in just one stock you can be wiped out of the market in a single day when things go bad. Even if you just lose a significant portion of your stocks value you will be discouraged and want to give up. Investing is largely a psychological game where you need to make decisions that may feel counterintuitive to win.

Sam Tabar thinks new investors should try to keep their risk down by sticking to mutual funds. These are generally smart and safe investments that profit for their investors year after year. When you have a mutual fund your are getting access to many stocks at once so if one falls you don’t suffer a noticeable loss. Sam Tabar wants you to start investing today so you can secure your future.

Kyle Bass Has Been Missing On Investment After Investment


There are two pretty big stories out there about Kyle being wrong on China’s currency and the oil market. A lot of people backed off of currency in China when they found out that the country was going to start regulating their markets harder, and it caused Kyle Bass to lose money because he was not prepared for China’s response. He has also been incorrect on the oil market that a lot of other people have already abandoned because it was so unstable.


His hedge fund at Hayman Capital has been losing a lot lately because Kyle Bass is more interested in his own personal appearance than he is in how he can make money for people. If he thinks that it sounds good to say out loud, he will probably do it. He has the platform to do things like this all the time, and he is also a handsome man who has his place on cable TV where people want to hear him talk about the economy.


The problem with Kyle Bass is that he has not taken the extra step to think about what he needs to with an investment. He will get an idea in his head that sounds good, and he will run with it. Anyone who is reading up on Kyle Bass will find out that his hedge fund is down over five percent just because of his bets on oil, and it is impossible to know when he will stop making the wrong bets.


Following Kyle Bass’ career is something that a lot of people need to be sure they do. They can find the patterns in what he does wrong, and they can avoid them. His career is one loss after another, but it works for him because he is wealthy. Other Americans are not so lucky.

Surviving A Reputation Attack

For any entrepreneur building and maintaining an excellent reputation is very significant. However, sometimes you may find bumps in the road while running a business. More than often attacks regarding your business and reputation may happen. There are some basic tips for surviving an attack while running a business.

A great tip is to not attack back. Even though that may be the initial reaction to defend the business and reputation it can cause dire consequences. Your image as an entrepreneur will be less than professional. Instead ignore and move on. Let the commitment of your clients and the positive image you have built as an entrepreneur show that it will not being affected.

Another tip as a business entrepreneur is to stay in contact with your current customers and provide reassurance. Let your customers know that the business is committed to staying around no matter what. Also, reassure your customers that they will still be provided with the quality service they have always experienced. Don’t let any difficult situation attacking the business and reputation separate you from providing for your customers. Also, you can provide customers with more value services. While being in a challenging situation instead of becoming withdrawn push forward with merchandise, services, and content that can help solve problems. Customers will appreciate what you are providing. As a result positive messages will be more likely associated with your reputation and business.

Another tip is to reach out. Reach out for support to help you gain a new perspective on how to deal with the negative attacks. A perspective other than yours can be very helpful at times. Look into several website support services. The website is a great outlet that provides services to help an individual be able to regain a positive and great reputation. The website can clean up search results and help one strategize and think outside of the box on how to handle a situation that is ruining ones reputation. In conclusion, as an entrepreneur it is always important to know how to deal with attacks towards the business and reputation in a productive manner. Visit Search Cleanup on Facebook to learn more about their services.

A Cursory Look at Securus Telecommunication Operations

Most of us rely on our visual contacts to make and maintain relationships. Seeing someone is different from hearing their voices over telephone calls. Through video, I can see emotions and reactions through various scenarios. I am inclined to believe that partners, friends, and relatives stay in touch through video teleconference since visual contact is the next best from physical contact. I am aware of the telecommunication advancements that enabled communication through smartphones, tablets, and computers making long distance visual contact a reality. I was intrigued to find that the prison service has not been left out either. Most correction centers have embraced web-based video services enabling prisoners to communicate with their loved ones. I was touched when I noticed Securus Technologies offers video services for communication with prisoners. The chat service is easy to use and can be accessed through enabled phones, tablets, and computers. It now means that I can talk to my loved ones any time since I can conveniently access him or her. I did a follow up on the communication set up and was satisfied when I discovered that Securus does a setup check to establish compatibility of our devices with its software. These prohibit us from relying on a defective product that might disappoint us when it fails to start or enable a connection.

With online video communication, we can see the growth and changes that occur in our partners and children’s lives boosting relationships that might have weathered over time. I know that customer feedback can reveal a lot of things about a company. Positive reviews mean that a company is on the right track and us as the consumers are satisfied with the services. I noticed that Securus Technologies enjoy mostly favorable comments, and the few issues that arise are dealt with professionally and without any delay. I believe Securus Technologies is an efficient company that is run by a very able and focused CEO.

Handling inmate communication is a very delicate affair. From what I have learned about the prison telecommunication industry is that a balance should be maintained between enabling communication and maintaining safety. The security mechanisms set up by Securus impressed me. The company uses state of the art computer software that can detect any illegal communications being passed out by inmates or their friends on the outside. This way the telecommunication giant can supervise communication while at the same time keeping a steady communication line open.

More information about Securus Technologies and its video breakthrough can be accessed here.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.