Behind Tony Petrello Philanthropy

Have you ever been successful your entire life then you encounter a problem that neither you nor an expert in the field can solve? Well, this was the case of Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthis during the birth of their firstborn daughter Carena. Tony is an award-winning entrepreneur and the head of the world largest drilling company, Nabors Industry Limited.

Although famous for his business achievements in various companies, there is more to the life of Tony than Tony Petrello’s professional career. His daughter Carena was had a neurological disorder since birth which disabled her from walking, eating and even talking. Like any successful and able parent, Tony Petrello and his wife did all they could to ensure their daughter was cured and living like other children. In spite of exhausting all options and employing all the resources they had, no medical help could be of assistance to her daughter. Moreover, there was not enough research on Carena’s neurological condition.

Saddened by this fact Tony Petrello and his wife took a rather huge step that is helping the lives of many children. Particularly, Tony used his money to establish a medical research company which specifically dealt with neurological cases affecting children. Influenced by this, the solution to Tony Petrello daughter was found though partially because it enabled her to be able to engage in various activities and improve some of her disabled skills. Today, the couples are engaging in charitable acts at Texas Hospital by donating funds meant to help children with neurological disorders. Tony not only contributes through donations but also advocates for the needs and more research on children with the neurological disorder because his basic desire is that such children be free from the disabilities they are facing and enjoy a normal life.

Although it is unfortunate that it had to take her daughter in order for the medical research institute of neurological disorder to be established in Texas, the society is forever grateful for his great move by Tony Petrello. In an attempt at making the community great, you should also adopt such a noble course.

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Susan McGalla Empowering women

Susan McGalla addresses the difficulties encountered by women as they make their decisions for future. Although many organizations have promoted gender equality, it seems to bear no fruits. Many institutions have a higher number of men than women regarding employment. Susan McGalla is working hard to ensure that women are being granted a chance to access many advanced opportunities.

Although many organizations have recognized the importance of gender equality, the number of women in high-level management is still few. Both small and large businesses have men ranged to better positions in the management. Susan wants to ensure that change is implemented to all levels of management in favor of women.

Susan McGalla is eager to work for change although it might take an extended period. She is willing to offer mentorship programs to women who are ready to venture into business sectors. Susan has written articles on the benefits of granting women many opportunities in the highest levels of management. She has organized seminars and conferences to speak on the importance of women in leadership.

Some of the prominent organizations well recognize her determination for it inspires women in their journey of life. McGalla has achieved most of her goals due to her perseverance and hard work. She has taken all valuable opportunities with seriousness. Susan McGalla says that her home life and childhood contributed much to her success. She grew up in a home of footballers being the only girl. She interacted with men since she was young and concludes that men and women should be treated the same way.

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Heal N Soothe Works Wonders!

These days you will find all kinds of supplements out there, that don’t even meet the expectations they promise. However, this is not the case with Heal N Soothe. According to majority of the people that have used Heal N Soothe, they have had a great experience with positive results. Heal N Soothe users; claim that Heal N Soothe has never disappointed them.


About Heal N Soothe

Heal N Soothe is a dietary supplement which contains properties of anti-inflammation. It also contains anti-oxidants which are designed to soothe pain. The ingredients used to manufacture Heal N Soothe are designated to provide the body with a remedy that is purely natural. The ingredients used include bromelain, which is harvested from a pineapple’s stem, papain, which helps in digestion, rutin, which is believed to enhance strength in blood vessels, boswellia serrata, which calms inflammation, and citrus bioflavonoid complex, which is believed to contain anti-oxidation properties.


Moreover, Heal N Soothe is affordable and highly potent.


Where can you get Heal N Soothe?

Health N Soothe is an herbal supplement for joint pain that is manufactured by Living Well Nutraceuticals and distributed via The Healthy Back Institute. Health N Soothe supplement combines systemic enzymes with up to 12 incredibly powerful, natural pain combaters present in Mother Nature.


Getting this product is as easy as apple pie. You can find the product from their official website: The purchase process is simple and easy. In addition, you do not require any prescription.


Additionally, the product is packed in form of a pill in a white bottle. You do not have to worry about repurchasing another bottle. This is because; one bottle is enough to take you through for a month, with the right dosage.


At the end of the day, our joints are an important just as any other part of the body because they enhance our movement. Therefore, a joint damage can lead to pain that can keep you from doing an activity that you are passionate about. Refer to This Article for more information.


There are many conditions that can lead to joint pains such as aging or maybe an injury from sports or any other activity. This is why you need a quality joint product that can help in the repair of any tissue damage in your body. Also a quality joint product will strengthen your joints and make them stronger. This makes them less gullible to any degeneration in the future.


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The Quest For Amendment Altering Legislation With End Citizens United

Not since Roe v Wade in 1973 has there been a Supreme Court Case with a long lasting impact on U.S. political structure. The 2010 ruling in the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission case is shaping up to rather impactful, whether it will measure to historic rulings like Dred Scott v. Stanford, or Brown v. Board of education remains to be seen. Currently the ruling is still host to much opposition, especially from the Political Action Committee, but should it stand the ramification could very well alter political fabric for years to come.

The 2010 case basically redefined the First Amendment. It all went down in 2008. A conservative group wanted to show a film called Hillary: The Movie right as the democratic presidential primaries were going on. The FEC stopped them, because they redefined the film as a long political campaign ad. As Citizens United could not readily identify the funding behind the movie, which is a regulation for political propaganda, the airing of the film was halted. Citizens United promptly sued, but the FEC ruling was upheld by Federal Court.

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Fast forward to the heady days of Barack Obama’s presidency. The primaries as well as the whole election are over. The Citizens United case pops up in the Supreme Court. In a controversial 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court reversed the decision. Now free speech applies to corporations as well as individuals. This means there are little to no restrictions on the support and funding corporations can provide during an election. It has many people asking if the Supreme Court just allowed elections to be bought and sold. This was the opinion of Justice Stevens, who was among the minority vote.

A case passing by a single vote will always be controversial but in this case it became even more. The most ardent opposition stems from the Democratic side of the pool, as they see this as allowing the Republican side advantage. They hold that corporations should have restrictions, and they are not alone. Many polls advocate that John Q. American holds the same opinion, but such opinion is also a gut reaction. Corporations have always been viewed as the enemy, and the Republican side has more corporate leanings according to Republicans do not hold that the decision is bad, nor that they will gain favor, as this allows corporations to fund Democratic campaigns as well. The question still remains, “How much power should corporations have?”

Enter End Citizens United, founded by PAC in 2015. End Citizens United is an organization dedicated to… well… ending Citizens United. They want to overturn the ruling of Supreme Court and bring back limitations on corporation electoral support. However, End Citizens United has a lot of ground to cover. The ruling cannot be overturned so that means the Constitution itself has to be targeted. Basically, the definition of free speech must be redefined as pertaining to the individual. This takes legislation, which is why End Citizens United supports legislators that strongly advocate censure of Citizens United.

A Look At How Roberto Santiago Keeps Manaira Shopping A Modern Mall

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur, trader, and a person who professionally races dirtbikes and karts. He owns Manaira Shopping which is the largest mall in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. He operates this company as the chief executive officer and it his job to guide this mall and keep it current with the times. This mall is located between the downtown core of Joao Pessoa and the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the beach. He has worked hard to make this mall an attraction for the entire region by offering a wide variety of shopping options, entertainment, food, banking, a gym, and even a college as part of this mall.

One of the things Roberto Santiago has focused on is keeping Manaira Shopping’s movie theater up to date. It features the most modern cinematic production equipment as well as a VIP room and one for 3D showings. He also incorporated a Stadium System into one of the eleven theaters in which the armchairs make people feel like they are standing while watching a movie. Near the theaters he had an amusement park installed which is called Game Station. This area features a wide range of arcade machines with over 200 types of games in all.

Around a decade ago Roberto Santiago had Domus Hall installed on the roof of Manaira Shopping. This space is big enough to hold 10,000 people during live entertainment events such as concerts. He had the foresight to make Domus Hall a very versatile space so it can also be used for events where people are seated, such as plays or Cirque de Soleil shows, at which time it can hold 4,000 audience members. Underneath the main event floor there is an equally large area which is broken up into private suites and bars. This area can hold numerous private events at the same time.

Since building this mall in 1989 he has expanded the food court twice, both times to accommodate more upscale restaurants than the typical fast food offerings. This led to some high-end restaurants entering this mall such as Espaco Gourmet, Capital Steakhouse, and Wayne’s. He says it is his goal to be able to offer something to everyone which these expansions have helped accomplish.

Brazil’s economy was hit pretty hard in 2015-2016. Despite this Manaira Shopping, like most malls and shopping centers, achieved a growth rate of 6.5% in 2015. Roberto Santiago said at the time that he didn’t think the overall economy would really negatively impact his business al that much. He said that by continuously offering shoppers new deals and experiences malls like his would continue to thrive. He expected to achieve an increase in sales of 5% during 2016 and this turned out to be a fairly accurate forecast.


Brown Modelling Agency Sends Out Their Best

The Brown Agency is a model and talent agency formerly known as Wilhelmina Austin. They are world-renowned for their outstanding talent and has grown to be a large industry leader on a global market scale. Their models have been spotted working with some of the biggest brands in the world such as Dell, Toyota, L’oreal, and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few. Their models have also been seen in Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week as well as many other shows.


The agency is very selective and is dedicated to priming their models so that they always put their very best foot forward and represent the company in a way that is both flattering and in a complementing manner.


The Brown Agency is made up of two of the largest talent agencies, Heyman Talent-South and Wilhelmina. Not only did they join forces to become a much bigger company with more clients and models than they did before separately, but they have combined strengths and capabilities as well.


Justin Brown, former head of Wilhelmina Austin, is leading the agency and the portfolio of the company has expande3d substantially since the merger. The headquarters of the agency will be located in Austin with additional offices located in Dallas. They are also going to have a strong presence in Los Angeles. Michael B. Bonnée is the founder of Heyman Talent-South and will be leading the theatrical division of The Brown Agency.


The merger has made it possible for the two companies to expand and to acquire more talent and clients while still upholding their high expectations and quality talent. Both agencies are very like-minded and work well together which is why they are able to become successful and will advance in the talent agency business.



The Brown Agency provides talent for many different jobs and roles including commercials, advertisements, print media, runway work, and more. All of the talent that they acquire gets training and is prepped so that they are polished and professional. The Agency prides itself on the high quality of their work, and their talent is a representation of the company so that carefully prime their talent for their clients. To see more you can visit their instagram account.


Accomplishments of Clay Hutson in the music industry

The company of Clayton Hutson will provide services for musicians and event organizer. Before the start of his career, he studied a university course of theater design. After his schooling, he found jobs at companies in the music industry, and that’s how his success in project manager started. After learning all the skill, he decided to come up with the film that was going to manage, design concert and produce. Most of the work that he has done is rock music. For good performers like kid rock, pink and Guns he has been able to complete many tasks that are technical and managerial tasks. In a world tour that took place in 2005, he was part of the tour the tour was called “bleed like me.” The band traveled to various parts of the country like Europe, North America, and Australia. Last year, he participated in the automatic rigging system that happened in North America and Asia in July, August and September.

Since he was a kid that’s when his interest in music started. He got his degree from the Central Michigan University in theater design and later a master’s degree from Stephen M. a degree in business administration. After the graduation, he worked from many companies as the project manager and sound engineer. After he discovered that he had a natural entrepreneur and that he was successful after starting his own company. The business overgrew along with the reputation for being reliable in his work and that he was impeccable in what he did.

After going on the tours, one of the accomplishment that was notable is that on one of the biggest tour he managed to operate the republic automatic rigging system. Today, what he does is that he is more of a designer and producer. On those days that he is not working on his music, he likes to spend time with his family, doing woodworking and crafting projects. His passion and hard work have been the root of his success. In all project that he is given he makes sure that he puts the best effort. Hutson will put in the odd hours and long hours just to make sure the project that he is working on is the total best. Mr. Clay Hutson will ensure that he checks every project thrice so that to be able to correct any potential problems that might have been missed. Learn more:


Professor Kamil Idris: Intellectual Property Laws

The Internet has allowed individuals to become more connected today than at any other point in the past. The process of greater interconnectedness amongst individuals around the world has been referred to as globalization. There are a number of great benefits that have been realized as a result of globalization; however, there are some pitfalls associated with the process. Professor Kamil Idris has been tapped as a correspondent on the potential issues that could arise with the increasing globalization that is occurring in today’s age.

The development of technology around the world has helped to create a more even playing field between the differing levels of development of nations. The increasingly globalized economy has required further innovation from every nation around the world. Globalization itself continues to act as a fuel for the development of new technology and ideas. However, this raises some questions as to the ownership of ideas. The field of intellectual property laws is important to understand as globalization continues to increase. It is important to protect the ideas of individuals while not putting a dampening on the creative output of the world.

Professor Kamil Idris has served as the director general for the World Intellectual Property Organization. This is an organization that is based out of Geneva Switzerland. The organization is in charge of creating international laws that help to protect the ideas of individuals and corporations in the form of patents around the world. As the rate of globalization increases so does the rate of patents. Professor Kamil Idris has commented on various issues regarding copyright law over his career.

The issue of counterfeiting and piracy has risen to the forefront of intellectual property law as a result of the Internet. The Internet has allowed the free distribution of digital content in a manner that has never been possible before. Professor Kamil Idris believes that there is a great need for more resources in the field of human resources and intellectual-property capacity. He states that even in the world’s most developed nations there are people waiting in line at patent offices as they lack the resources to handle the flow of information. The lack of resources is, even more, pressing in the developing world. This has led to some countries falling even further behind.

Discover How Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Empowers Women: Tinder Co-founder Speaks Out

The entrepreneur and Chief executive officer of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, didn’t worry about holding back while speaking in New York at Vanity Fair’s Founders Fair. She noted that conventionally, people think authority pertains to men. She doesn’t want people to use that as a justification to act in a dejected fashion anymore. As one of the originators of Tinder, Wolfe Herd, understands as much as anybody the kinds of hurdles that women go through.

Whitney Wolfe was involved in a lawsuit shortly after leaving Tinder to begin her own dating platform. At that time, the proprietors of Tinder, Match Group, accused Bumble of infringing on its copyrights and patents. Shortly later, Bumble issued a public address to Match Group. In it, she announced, “Swiping left” to their repeated efforts to purchase them, imitate them, and threaten them. Again and again, female leaders underlined the significance of absolving the normal obstacles for other women.

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Almost all the presentations mentioned Time’s Up and #MeToo, each widespread topics in and out of show business. Time’s Up goal is to support women working through sexual abuse in Hollywood and beyond.

Whitney Wolfe created her match-making platform named Bumble in 2014 where women have a more direct decision on the matter than men. In just a year later it had attained more than 80 millions matches. The dating platform she established also includes BumbleBFF and BumbleBIZZ, with a revenue of around $500 million.

She encountered her husband, Michael Herd, while on a vacation in Aspen in 2014. She instantly remembered he who was from his profile on a matchmaking app that she had used before. In addition, Michael holds a head role as the VP of the Herd Producing Co. They ended up getting engaged in 2016 during a horseback riding trip in Texas.

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Ara Chackerian; Upgrading the Healthcare Industry

Ara Chackerian is a philanthropist, entrepreneur as well as an amazing investor. At the ASC Capital Holdings LLC, Ara Chackerian assumes the role of Managing Partner. ASC Capital Holdings is aimed at investing in early-stage healthcare companies. He has not stopped there though; he is also a board member as well as co-founder of the TMS Health Solutions. TMS is a treatment provider of transcranial magnetic stimulation to aid patients that face depression that is resistant to treatment.

Before Ara Chackerian got entangled with TMS Health Solutions, he focused on investing as well as entrepreneurship especially in the fields of services and health technology. Ara had been in the business ofi building companies concerned with healthcare such as PipelineRX, Embion/Provider Links, BMC Diagnostics as well as TMS Health Solution. He has also been involved with many early-stage healthcare companies as a dedicated board member such as TMS Health Solutions, Mint Medical Education and PipelineRX which are all based in the San Francisco bay area. Ara is also entirely focused on environmental causes as seen through him investing in Limonapa, which is a sustainable reforestation Teak Plantation located in Nicaragua. He has also invested in non-profit youth development projects such as CREA Nicaragua, Nor Luyce and JUMA Ventures. Visit limonapateak.com


The idea of TMS Healthcare was born after Ara and his business partner started to look for ways to expand their knowledge on how to build centers for out-patient diagnostic radiology. They created a vast network of centers in 10 years across Northern California. The two businessmen were advised to focus on psychiatry spaces for outpatients and especially on the transcranial magnetic stimulation which is a device based treatment for depression. It was by going down this road that they came to notice that TMS Healthcare had the capability to be the third part of psychiatric care and more so for those dealing with a serious depressive disorder. Check out their website

Upon observation of the outpatient system, they realized that it was not favorable for device treatment methods. Therefore, they aimed to improve this by creating a model that a physician and the patient to achieve their goal that carried the methodology of ‘patient first’. In a duration of 20 years after their partnership, they have built seven facilities that catered to the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area with each holding about 3,000 square feet that hosts TMS treatment and consulting rooms.

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