Capital Group’s New Executive Chairman

Timothy Armour commonly known as Tim is the principal executive officer, director, and chairman of Capital Group. Timothy was elected for the position in July 2015 by the board of directors, the capital group limited. During his time of appointment as the chairman, he was the chairman of the company’s management committee of capital research and the entire management.

Timothy Armour’s appointment came as a result of passing on of the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. His successor was a purposeful and very talented leader who made wise decisions in the best interest of his clients, investors, and of course associates. His colleagues deeply mourned his death, and it goes without saying that Tim has to work hard to fit in his shoes.

Timothy Armour attended Middlebury College where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Economics. His academic achievement saw him join the Capital group in 1983. He has worked with the company up to date. Timothy Armour began working for the company as a participant in an Associate program that existed in the Capital Group. He has worked his way up the ladder from one position to the other till now that he is the chairman.

Timothy Armour advises investors to be aware of the financial system since it tends to be much stronger in the developed countries than in the developing ones. He insists that it should be seen as an unstable commodity, and investors should seek to find capable leaders and managers who can handle the situation. Investors should identify active managers for hire who are willing to invest in reliable companies for attractive prices.

Capital Group is the home of American funds and investors, and it has been successful since its initiation. Based in Los Angeles, Capital Group is the world largest investment firms. Janet Yang says that the company’s hardwork and the ability to choose successful investment vehicle has led to its growth and success all along.

In October 2015, Capital Group and Samsung asset management formed a strategic alliance to cooperate on developing assets management goods to be supplied in the Korean market. Timothy confesses that this is a good move since the partnership will help Korean markers and individuals to achieve their long-term investment goals just like the US has done. Timothy Armour’s perspective on the market selloff in 2015 is that it would correct the market value despite the American markets having been evaluated.


Dick DeVos Preserves His Legacy

Dick DeVos is many things including a passionate individual when it comes to business, a hard worker, an inspirational individual, as well as a member of a prominent family that he has helped to build in legacy over the years and will continue to do so in order to make communities a better place with their generosity. Dick DeVos is a passionate individual when it comes to business due to the fact that he grew up surrounded by family members within the industry as well as peers and friends of the family that were also involved in business. As a child, Dick DeVos was exposed to business ever since a very young age and has fond memories associated with this line of work.


Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent family that is not only known for their many contributions to help communities across the United States, but is also known for their many efforts and contributions in order to build the family business that is known as Amway Corporation, a blossoming company that specializes in selling household products for individuals as well as businesses around the world at an affordable price. Thanks to the efforts of Dick DeVos who was once in charge of international sales, Amway Corporation is a company that continues to expand around the world.


Dick DeVos has followed his family down the business path, but has also followed his family down the philanthropic path, a path that Dick DeVos enjoyed following as he has been able to help countless individuals along the way.  Thanks to Dick DeVos, opportunities have been created through the form of both scholarships as well as through the form of new schools that have been built in his name.


Dick DeVos is a successful individual in his own right and has gained a fortune for himself as well as for others in different communities across the country. His success has not only been based upon monetary gains, but has also been based upon the different people that he has inspired along the path to success. Dick DeVos has surpassed the expectations of his father and has continued to preserve and to expand the famous family name of DeVos within the United States.


Brian Bonar Personal Finance


According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is someone who has had a great career in the world of personal finance. For all of his hard work, he has a growing business that he helps people all over the world with.

If you are interested in working with him, you need to have a plan in place to change your financial future for the better. There are few people who truly have a plan on how to do this. Over time, having a solid plan is essential to long term growth within your life.

Financial Advice

When it comes to financial advice, there is a lot of advice floating out there that is not accurate. Over the course of time, staying consistent with your finances is the biggest key to success. A lot of people today get really excited about a new way to save money, but over time they end up having more issues.

Over time, small changes in your behavior can yield big results. According to WhitePages, This is the course of action that Brian Bonar has taken over the years and it has worked out well.


There are few things that can increase your net worth faster than investing. There are a variety of investment options in the market today. If you are interested in how to invest for the future, you can work with someone like Brian Bonar who has experience in the field.

He will be glad to help you in a variety of ways, especially if it means you can get to the next level. A lot of people today are excited about all of the new enhancements that he is making in his business to make things easier on customers. Not only will it be easier to invest for the future, but you will be able to track your results in real time as well.


Over the long term, Brian Bonar has proven that he is someone who can make a lasting difference in the lives of others. He is dedicated to investing his time and money to help other people in a variety of ways. If you want to invest for your future, he is the person who can get you there.

With all of the changes in the economy today, it is vital to prepare yourself financially for what is to come. Brian Bonar has had a great career, and he is ready to help you as well.

Four Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort Wells Receive 9.5 Inches Of Rain

Thousands of skiers from around the world come to the popular resort to ski and enjoy the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Squaw Valley is known for good service, great restaurants, and shops, as well as some of best slopes and trails in the Western part of the United States. The ski season starts in early November, but a heavy rainstorm in October gave the staff additional work this year. The upper mountain area was inundated with 9.5 inches of rain. Four wells located in that area were flooded. The standard procedure is to check the well water after a heavy rain to ensure the water is safe to drink. According to a statement by the public relations director of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, the October rain storm contaminated the four upper mountain wells.

Liesel Kenney released a statement to the Sierra Sun in November that explained the contamination issue on Kenney told the Sierra Sun that four wells in the upper mountain area of the resort were updated during the summer. The wellheads on the four wells were moved above ground. Those wellheads were below ground before the update. Kenney’s statement confirmed the new system was certified and tested, but when it rained for three days in October, the four wells were flooded. When the rain stopped, the staff inspected the wells and did preliminary tests. Reference:

The tests confirmed an E. coli and coliform contamination in all four wells. Squaw Valley immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health Department, and the Squaw Valley Utility District as well as other local health officials, so the wells could be treated to remove the bacteria. All four wells are not servicing the two water systems that supply drinking water to the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the resort.

The skiers were not inconvenienced by the well closures, and no illnesses were reported, according to Kenney’s statement.