Betsy DeVos Has Made Education Better for Everyone Who is in School

All of the people who are in school are able to benefit from the things that Betsy DeVos. Not only has her help been great for students but the teachers have also been able to benefit from the things that she does. Even the administration, which can sometimes be hard to please, has found success in the new programs that Betsy DeVos worked so hard to create while she was deciding on ideas for the schools that she was in charge of. Now that she is working as the secretary of education, she expects to continue her philanthropic efforts and help other people with the issues that they might be having. She knows that her commitment to schools is what will make her better than what most people are able to understand in the areas that they are in. Betsy DeVos is confident that she can do all of these things for the students.

The most important people that Betsy DeVos does the work for are the students. She knows that they need to have someone who is standing up for them and who is always going to advocate for people. She sees herself as this person and it is something that she committed to many years ago so that she would be able to make the lives of children around the United States better. Betsy DeVos knows that students need to have someone like her and that is what the majority of her philanthropy has been about in every situation that she is in.For students to be able to learn the way that Betsy DeVos would like them to learn, she found that they have to have teachers who know what they are doing and who are confident in the skills that they have.

She wants to show students what they are able to get and how the teachers can be good so she ensures that the teachers are trained properly. These are the teachers who are happier, have better performance records and who are treated better in the jobs that they have.Even administrations have been able to benefit from the things that Betsy DeVos is doing. She wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to be successful and that goes up as far as the administration. Betsy DeVos has worked closely with administrators to make sure that they are doing things the right way. They can benefit from her programs because they know that they will be able to enjoy the opportunities for education that she is willing to provide to them. They also have a smaller workload when there are charter schools and voucher programs involved. All of this leads back to Betsy DeVos being able to provide these programs. Visit her Facebook page :

Orange Coast College Receives Generous Gift That Keeps On Giving

Orange County, California is bracing for some positive changes. The old planetarium, that was built in the 1950’s, has been demolished to make way for a new planetarium that construction started on last year.

As a part of Orange Coast College, this planetarium received a very special financial gift from a retired Spanish professor to build a Foucault pendulum, which mimics the Earth’s rotation. Learn more about Orange Coast College: and

The whopping $1 million dollar donation came from Mary McChesney, age 91, who dedicated the gift to her late partner, Adelyn Bonin, who passed away in early 2017. The planetarium will be a great source of information and place of study to the Orange County community.

Seated in picturesque Costa Mesa, California Orange Coast College is a more than just a convenient place to learn while living by the famous SoCal beaches, it is a hub of learning and athletics for the community.

The college boasts hundreds of exemplary programs such as Visual and Performing Arts, Kinesiology & Athletics, Business, plus many more specialized fields of study.

The Oraneg Coast College Pirates has an incredible athletics program featuring 13 sports for both men and women. Orange Coast College has their own track and field facilities, fitness complex, baseball field, stadium, gymnasium, soccer complex, and sailing base.

It is a school where students can thrive both academically and athletically. The professors and coaches are both proficient and caring, wanting the best outcome for each individual student. Orange Coast College is a wonderful place to receive an excellent post-secondary education for both new freshmen or adult learners.