About Roberto Santiago, Founder of Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa

One can easily spend days exploring Manaira Shopping Mall in downtown Joao Pessoa without getting close to seeing and experiencing everything that it has to offer. If you are lucky enough to pay a visit to this bustling city in northeast Brazil, which is the capital of the state of Paraiba and also its largest city, be sure to check it out. In the meantime, learn more about the man behind the tremendously successful shopping and entertainment destination, Roberto Santiago. Born in 1958 in Paraiba, Santiago is perhaps one of the best-known businessmen in the country, and he is proof positive of the power of persistence and hard work.

It is easy to assume that whoever developed Manaira Shopping Mall must have been an older, very well-established businessman. In reality, though, Roberto Santiago was just 30 years old when his ambitious project opened its doors for the first time. How did he manage to put together the capital that was needed to embark on such an endeavor? He did so by making sound business and investing decisions and by never giving up. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Many Brazilians don’t know it, but Roberto Santiago’s first idea was a huge failure. Many aspiring entrepreneurs would have been so discouraged that they might have given up altogether. However, that isn’t in Santiago’s nature. A talented writer, director and producer, Roberto Santiago decided to earn an undergraduate degree from Pio X Marist College to get the basic education that he needed. That wasn’t enough for the ambitious young man, however, so he went on to earn a degree in Business Administration from University Center of Joao Pessoa, or UNIPE.

Roberto Santiago’s professional career was launched with a position at Cafe Santa Rose. Not long after that, he was presented with an opportunity to invest in a cardboard box manufacturing company. Even though it was hardly a sure thing, he went ahead and did it. Happily, his investment paid off, and he was able to secure the funds that he needed to invest in a prime piece of land in downtown Joao Pessoa. This is where Manaira Shopping Mall stands today.

In addition to the sprawling Manaira Mall, which includes a bowling alley, a huge movie theater, a fitness center, a game arcade and even a college, Roberto Santiago owns and operates the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. For fun, he enjoys adrenaline-pumping activities like motocross and sports like bowling.

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