Capital Group’s New Executive Chairman

Timothy Armour commonly known as Tim is the principal executive officer, director, and chairman of Capital Group. Timothy was elected for the position in July 2015 by the board of directors, the capital group limited. During his time of appointment as the chairman, he was the chairman of the company’s management committee of capital research and the entire management.

Timothy Armour’s appointment came as a result of passing on of the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. His successor was a purposeful and very talented leader who made wise decisions in the best interest of his clients, investors, and of course associates. His colleagues deeply mourned his death, and it goes without saying that Tim has to work hard to fit in his shoes.

Timothy Armour attended Middlebury College where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Economics. His academic achievement saw him join the Capital group in 1983. He has worked with the company up to date. Timothy Armour began working for the company as a participant in an Associate program that existed in the Capital Group. He has worked his way up the ladder from one position to the other till now that he is the chairman.

Timothy Armour advises investors to be aware of the financial system since it tends to be much stronger in the developed countries than in the developing ones. He insists that it should be seen as an unstable commodity, and investors should seek to find capable leaders and managers who can handle the situation. Investors should identify active managers for hire who are willing to invest in reliable companies for attractive prices.

Capital Group is the home of American funds and investors, and it has been successful since its initiation. Based in Los Angeles, Capital Group is the world largest investment firms. Janet Yang says that the company’s hardwork and the ability to choose successful investment vehicle has led to its growth and success all along.

In October 2015, Capital Group and Samsung asset management formed a strategic alliance to cooperate on developing assets management goods to be supplied in the Korean market. Timothy confesses that this is a good move since the partnership will help Korean markers and individuals to achieve their long-term investment goals just like the US has done. Timothy Armour’s perspective on the market selloff in 2015 is that it would correct the market value despite the American markets having been evaluated.


Dick DeVos Preserves His Legacy

Dick DeVos is many things including a passionate individual when it comes to business, a hard worker, an inspirational individual, as well as a member of a prominent family that he has helped to build in legacy over the years and will continue to do so in order to make communities a better place with their generosity. Dick DeVos is a passionate individual when it comes to business due to the fact that he grew up surrounded by family members within the industry as well as peers and friends of the family that were also involved in business. As a child, Dick DeVos was exposed to business ever since a very young age and has fond memories associated with this line of work.


Dick DeVos is a member of the DeVos family, a prominent family that is not only known for their many contributions to help communities across the United States, but is also known for their many efforts and contributions in order to build the family business that is known as Amway Corporation, a blossoming company that specializes in selling household products for individuals as well as businesses around the world at an affordable price. Thanks to the efforts of Dick DeVos who was once in charge of international sales, Amway Corporation is a company that continues to expand around the world.


Dick DeVos has followed his family down the business path, but has also followed his family down the philanthropic path, a path that Dick DeVos enjoyed following as he has been able to help countless individuals along the way.  Thanks to Dick DeVos, opportunities have been created through the form of both scholarships as well as through the form of new schools that have been built in his name.


Dick DeVos is a successful individual in his own right and has gained a fortune for himself as well as for others in different communities across the country. His success has not only been based upon monetary gains, but has also been based upon the different people that he has inspired along the path to success. Dick DeVos has surpassed the expectations of his father and has continued to preserve and to expand the famous family name of DeVos within the United States.


Brian Bonar Personal Finance


According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar is someone who has had a great career in the world of personal finance. For all of his hard work, he has a growing business that he helps people all over the world with.

If you are interested in working with him, you need to have a plan in place to change your financial future for the better. There are few people who truly have a plan on how to do this. Over time, having a solid plan is essential to long term growth within your life.

Financial Advice

When it comes to financial advice, there is a lot of advice floating out there that is not accurate. Over the course of time, staying consistent with your finances is the biggest key to success. A lot of people today get really excited about a new way to save money, but over time they end up having more issues.

Over time, small changes in your behavior can yield big results. According to WhitePages, This is the course of action that Brian Bonar has taken over the years and it has worked out well.


There are few things that can increase your net worth faster than investing. There are a variety of investment options in the market today. If you are interested in how to invest for the future, you can work with someone like Brian Bonar who has experience in the field.

He will be glad to help you in a variety of ways, especially if it means you can get to the next level. A lot of people today are excited about all of the new enhancements that he is making in his business to make things easier on customers. Not only will it be easier to invest for the future, but you will be able to track your results in real time as well.


Over the long term, Brian Bonar has proven that he is someone who can make a lasting difference in the lives of others. He is dedicated to investing his time and money to help other people in a variety of ways. If you want to invest for your future, he is the person who can get you there.

With all of the changes in the economy today, it is vital to prepare yourself financially for what is to come. Brian Bonar has had a great career, and he is ready to help you as well.

Four Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort Wells Receive 9.5 Inches Of Rain

Thousands of skiers from around the world come to the popular resort to ski and enjoy the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Squaw Valley is known for good service, great restaurants, and shops, as well as some of best slopes and trails in the Western part of the United States. The ski season starts in early November, but a heavy rainstorm in October gave the staff additional work this year. The upper mountain area was inundated with 9.5 inches of rain. Four wells located in that area were flooded. The standard procedure is to check the well water after a heavy rain to ensure the water is safe to drink. According to a statement by the public relations director of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, the October rain storm contaminated the four upper mountain wells.

Liesel Kenney released a statement to the Sierra Sun in November that explained the contamination issue on Kenney told the Sierra Sun that four wells in the upper mountain area of the resort were updated during the summer. The wellheads on the four wells were moved above ground. Those wellheads were below ground before the update. Kenney’s statement confirmed the new system was certified and tested, but when it rained for three days in October, the four wells were flooded. When the rain stopped, the staff inspected the wells and did preliminary tests. Reference:

The tests confirmed an E. coli and coliform contamination in all four wells. Squaw Valley immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health Department, and the Squaw Valley Utility District as well as other local health officials, so the wells could be treated to remove the bacteria. All four wells are not servicing the two water systems that supply drinking water to the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the resort.

The skiers were not inconvenienced by the well closures, and no illnesses were reported, according to Kenney’s statement.

Waiakea Earns 5,000% Growth

One sign that a business is good and is offering something that people need is that there is a lot of growth in the business. For one thing, Waiakea water does more than provide people with the benefits of water, it also keeps people from taking in the contaminants.

People get to enjoy the benefits of water without having to worry about whether or not they are drinking contaminated water. Therefore, they will be able to rest assured that they are healthy. This is one of the reasons that Waiakea water has grown by 5,000% in just three years of business.

All that is needed for people to do is keep up on their nutrition so that their body will have an easier time burning off the the fat and keeping it off. Learn more about Dick DeVos:

One of the reasons that water helps to lose weight is that it provides fuel for burning fat and building muscle. People who understand these benefits often find themselves wanting to drink more water.

Another benefit of Waiakea water is that it improves the mental function of people. Often times, people who are dehydrated often find themselves faced with mental problems such as inability to focus. They are also struggling with memory problems. When people take the time to increase their intake of water, then they will find it easier to remember things and even focus on the task at hand.

However, there is one major advantage that Waiakea water has over other forms of water. The water in the bottles sold by the company are volcanic. As a result, it is clear and free of contaminants. It shows in the taste of the water in which people enjoy.

It makes people want to drink more. People that try water from Waiakea water find that they not only crave more water from this company, but that they crave more water in general. As a result, more bottles are sold, and the company grows as a whole.

Madison Street Capital Is A Premier M&A Advisory

Madison Capital’s reputable characteristic in M&A hedge funds management

Madison Street Capital has established its name as the leading International investment banking firm over the past years. The company supplies financial advisory service to the broad public and private enterprises. The company has established itself as the premiere International middle market investment banking Company through its professional team. Madison is also the leading corporate finance and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) advisor.


Last year was the most unforgiving year to most hedge funds business according to formal statements. Many hedge fund institutions witnessed below average performances with many borrowers turning to alternative lending institutions. Most firms sustained higher operational costs with reduced transaction fees. It is important to not that Madison Capital was not affected. The company attained sixty-four global hedge fund transactions last year alone.

Madison’s Professional team guarantee customer satisfaction

Madison’s professionals have the capacity to assemble the suitable capitalization and financing structure to suit each client’s precise requirement. Experience has made the difference at Madison Capital. The Madison seasoned team of professionals appreciate the importance of careful business analysis because they have served many customers in the several dissimilar assortments of industries. They employ this attentive examination to present the most precise business recommendations.


Madison Street Capital reputation

Madison Capital has a record of excellence and successful transactions in the investment banking sector. Madison has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Madison has other separate agencies in Asia, Africa, and North America. Madison utilizes many years of industry experience to offer the broad range of financial services such as financial reporting valuations, business valuation services, M&A hedge funds services, and middle market investment banking. Madison’s Senior Managing Director says that his company aims to create an ideal hedge fund environment to accommodate its customer needs. He says that the winning formula of the company has been the combination of opportune partnerships with its extremely fragmented hedge funds.


Madison Capital has the Objective of empowering both local and international Communities

Madison Capital has endeavored to build strong business communities across the United States. Madison aims to make a difference in the global and local Community by dedicating its services to clients’ needs and the philanthropic organization. The company supports the Virginia-based United Way that supports victims of the recent Gulf Coast, East Coast, and Midwest disasters. The company supports financial and health stability to rebuild devastated disaster lives.


Entrepreneurs seeking for to build a reasonable exit strategy, selling their businesses, searching for acquisitions, and even corporate governance can visit Madison Capital at or contact the firm on 1-312-529-7000.

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Experience the Adventure of Lovaganza

Lovaganza has recently created their new traveling show that will be seen in 2020. If you are new to the idea of Lovaganza and do not know what it is all about, this is an immersive traveling show that is completely based on your entertainment. The whole entire premise of this complete show is on different cultures from around the world immersed into one traveling so that people can take advantage of no matter where they happen to live. The show is still in its very beginning stages and is set to go on tour in the year 2020.

Lovaganza is considered a Bohemian Adventure that people will surely enjoy and love to bring their families to each and every day that it is currently being put into place. The 360 degree show allows people to sit around the entire entertainment stage where performances will be taking place at all hours of the day while Lovaganza is going on. Many people are getting incredibly excited because of this future show because they feel it is going to be one of the best circus type entertainment varieties that they have ever been to in their entire lives.

One thing that sets blank apart from any other circuses out there is the complete immersion of cultures on Wikidot from all around the world. You will see performances from the United States as well as China and everything in between. This will allow you to have a thorough experience while there and it is great for anyone and of any age, so it is a wonderful place to bring your children so that they can enjoy this experience as well.

In order for you to learn more about this amazing Traveling Show known as Lovaganza, you can visit its Facebook page or website in order to learn more. You will also be able to find out exactly where the show is going to be traveling to to see if it is coming to a nearby town or city where you live at the current moment. Lovaganza is a show that is going to be absolutely perfect for anyone of any age, so you might even want to plan a trip there with your loved ones and friends so that you all can completely experience the immersion of Bohemian culture .

This Traveling Show will also enable a variety of different people to make use of the different options that are available to them. This basically means that you will be able to find a show near you without having to worry that you have to travel a very long. Of time because of the fact that it is traveling to a variety of different cities in your area. You can learn a lot more about Lovaganza by going online and visiting its website to see more about the calendar of events and different performances that are going to be there as well. Reference:

Securus Technologies Is Looking Towards The Future

One company that really care about the safety of the public is Securus Technologies. They are constantly coming up with new ways to do this on a weekly basis.


In the article, there are several comments from officials that are at various correction facilities based all over the nation. These officials comment on what Securus Technologies has done for them, and how much it has helped. The company invited people to visit them to see what they do. This includes investors. The headquarters for the company is located in TX. They are going to give a presentation that allows the people to see the different technologies that they are creating in order to fight crime. It is a great way for them to understand how important the service is, and how much it can make a difference in protecting all the people in the nation and the world.


Securus Technologies is a company that is proud of what they do because they want the world to be a better and safer place to live. They are sought after by many correction facilities, and the government also contracts with them. They are involved in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice. They deal with prisoners on a regular basis, numbering in the millions. The company uses video, public information, investigations and incident reports, as well as other means to solve and prevent crimes. They have a mission to help make it safer for everyone, and that is what they do all the time to the highest of standards.



Davos Real Estate Group launches a Tool that will help Real Estate Investors to make Better Investment Decisions

The success of Davos Real estate group is largely attributed to its senior executive officer, David Osio. Mr. Osio has a wealth of experience in the financial market having worked for an extended period in leading companies based in America. His experience has been valuable in designing investment plans that match the needs of his clients. He also uses his skills to organize and execute philanthropic programs across the world.

Just like in any other industry, the real estate industry is also changing. For this reason, it has become a necessary move for any competitive company in the industry to adjust its services or its service delivery to fit the needs of its customers.

Davos Real Estate group is a leading provider of real estate investment services. Through its financial experts, the firm provides financial advice on purchasing properties, selling properties, maintenance, rent, legal issues on making an investment, and development of assets.

The company has become a leading player among other real estate companies because of its management team’s ability to keep formulating real estate investment plans that guarantee their customers’ profitability. Furthermore, they go a step further to provide investors with clear financial visions when making an investment.

To improve their customers’ experience, Davos Real Estate Group launched a mobile application known as Davos CAP Calculator. Davos CAP calculator will be used to calculate the projected income flows from a particular investment, the capitalization rate and to visualize how a volatile mortgage rate can affect a real estate investment.

The real estate group is still developing other applications that customers can use to undertake a detailed analysis of a property. Some of the apps will help clients to search for properties that suit their needs, calculate the mortgage rates, and even to communicate with Davos Real Estate experts on a broad range of issues. The applications will be available to the firm’s clients on iTunes store and Google play.

The company’s investment committee enhances the returns from investment through adjusting rental incomes according to the market trends and improving their property to attract more customers.

Davos real estate group is one of the subsidiaries of Davos Financial group, a company that was founded by Mr. Osio. Currently, Davos Financial Group operates other different licensed businesses in Miami, Panama, New York, and other cities in America.

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Europe Launches the Brexit Commemoration Coins

The United Kingdom exodus from the European Union was a move that many did not expect. The UK referendum to exit from the EU took place on June of 2016. The majority of the citizens forming the EU never imagined that one day they would ever disintegrate. Brexit became a historical event that the world and the Europeans will take some time to erase from their minds.

The exit affected the currency used by the EU, as the UK had to come up with other coins. Besides, the European stock markets felt the impact of the exit.

The majority of the UK citizens feared that the departure would cause an economic risk. Therefore, they started buying gold bars and keeping gold coins in their homes. This was a precautionary measure in case the event resulted in a currency crisis. The move led to a significant decline of gold coins in the market.

As a way of remembering this historical and unexpected event, the cook island developed a program to Mint coins to mark this event. It came with three coins made of silver and gold. The program made 999 fine silver coins, 9999 coins of five-dollar fine gold, and 9999 coins of twenty-dollar fine gold.

The Brexit gold coin bears the effigy of Rank-Broadley and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the second as well as the Union Jack Flag. All the coins have an outline of Europe map on one side. In addition, the coins have the words “BREXIT” and the date the Britain separated from the EU.

The coin minting company in Europe is using the Coin Smart Trust Investment technology to produce lighter and thinner coins than the previous coins. The coins have different weights and volumes. The silver coin weighs three grams and has a radius of thirteen millimeters. The $5 fine gold coin weighs 0.5grams and has a diameter of eleven millimeters.

The $5 fine gold coin has a mintage limit of ten thousand pieces while the $20 fine gold coin has a mintage limit similar to that of the silver coins.

Notably, the US did not acquire the contract to distribute the coins. Despite this move, the Brexit coin gained popularity so fast, and within few days of its mintage, it sold out.

If you need more information regarding the Brexit silver and gold coins, you can view all the types in the WNN gallery. Also, if you would like to talk or connect with the Coin world, you can sign up for their newsletter, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter.