Academy of Art University Takes on New York Fashion Week

Stephan Rabimov, founder and President of fashion content outlet DEPESHA, discussed the emergence of the undergraduate and graduate design programs at Academy of Art University. Reviewing the school`s recent show during New York Fashion Week, Rabimov argues that the college is emerging as a powerhouse of fashion education. In 2017, women`s fashion and menswear teams debuted a number of collections.

The school believes that the diversity of its student body makes for a rigorous experience that allows traditions to cross-pollinate and create an environment of true innovation. Debuting a collection is not for the faint of heart, as years and years of painstaking study and honing of one`s technique boil down to a 15-minute fashion show that will set the tone for the rest of a young designer`s career.

Academy of Art University is a private art school located in San Francisco. Although the school has its roots in commercial art training, it now offers a range of majors in the fine arts and media studies. The school has been participating in New York Fashion Week since 2005, a testament to the quality of its fashion program.

The college offers associates degrees for students who prefer career-oriented training, but also offers bachelor`s degrees and even graduate programs. In all, the school offers more than twenty-five majors, including fully accredited programs in Interior Design and Architecture. Among the school`s most successful alumni are designers, commercial artists, athletes, actors, and photographers.

Academy of Art University also operates a vintage car museum in San Francisco. The museum`s collection features some of the world`s rarest and most valuable cars. In addition, the university offers a full inter-mural sports program. The Academy of Arts Urban Knights play in the Pacific West Conference of the NCAA Division II. The school`s sports program is best known for its track and field teams, although it has graduated notable athletes in other sports.

All About Investor Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi is one of the most well-known hedge fund investors in the industry. He specifically works on stocks, bonds and funds to increase the amount of money that both he and other people are able to make. Investing on your own can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is great to know that there is a professional like Sahm Adrangi out there who can help as much as possible. Sahm Adrangi is incredibly active on his social media pages on sites like Facebook and Twitter. When you begin to visit these pages, you will also immediately notice that along with all of the work he does in the investing field, he is also quite a humanitarian and has worked with a variety of groups and charities in his time.

The way that Sahm Adrangi has become as educated as he is in the investment field is because he has gone to school for years for his craft. This has improved the ability he has to invest in the best way possible, and it is why he is continually working with people and companies to help them with their own investment needs. You can also visit Sahm Adrangi’s LinkedIn profile if you would like to learn more about what he is doing, where he’s gone to school and other points of interest that might benefit you if you are considering hiring him for investment aid.

By hiring Sahm Adrangi, you’re choosing a professional who is there for you and is able to help you with a variety of different investment needs. You will find that this helps you to make better-quality investments without the need to do the job yourself. Before you make the decision to invest yourself, be sure to get a professional involved so that you can become a smarter and more worthwhile investor who is able to grow their funds rather than lose everything that they are putting into a brand new investment. You will love working with an expert who can aid you in making better and smarter investments where you earn quite a lot over time.

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Lacey and Larkin Fight as if Their Lives Depended on It

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are heroes that all of us should honor. This is because they have taken a stand for their fellow man and are protecting the Hispanic community from Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a wretched and disgusting man who has committed evil atrocities upon the Latino race and deserves to be jailed and possibly even executed. I am glad that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are exposing his evils so that he can one-day face justice either here on this Earth or maybe even in the afterlife.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have discovered evidence of various evil deeds that Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been doing. Some of those deeds are things such as laundering money so that he can pay police officers bonuses for bringing in illegal immigrants, intentionally staffing the police force with people who are known to be racially biased against Hispanics, and holding “round ‘em up parties” where the police go out for an afternoon and specifically arrest only Hispanics. These evils, however, pale in comparison with some of the other atrocities he has done.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio burned down a home of a Hispanic family simply because he chose the wrong home to raid. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had received a tip by telephone that this family had been moving drugs for a local gang. Without taking the time to even verify this, Sheriff Joe Arpaio ordered a raid on the home. When it turned out that the tip was wrong Sheriff Joe Arpaio wanted to make it look like the family resisted. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

He ordered four holes to be smashed into the walls of the home, so that look like the homeowners put up a fight. Unfortunately, one officer smacked an electrical outlet which caused the fire to rage throughout the home. Rather than stopping it, Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested the family so that they cannot call the fire department.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio also indirectly murdered a child in the womb of its mother. A Latino woman had been detained since she was hanging out with other illegal Hispanics. At the time of her arrest, she had been on her way to see the doctor regarding pains in her abdomen. She reported this to the police officers, and they did nothing about it. Because she was not able to see her physician, the child died a premature death that could have been avoided.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would use their power in the world of media to report these stories through the Phoenix News Times. Sheriff Arpaio was not one to sit by while somebody exposed his evils, so he raided the homes of these two men.

Sheriff Arpaio would illegally detain these men, but it would blow up right in his face. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin one $3.75 million in a lawsuit against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his police department. This was the starting capital for the Lacey Larkin Frontera fund which opposes Arpaio’s activities each day.

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How To Book Through Fagali’I Airport

Going to a good quality airport is extremely difficult nowadays because of all the low quality options available to you. This is why a lot of people have been deciding on Fagali’I Airport because of the fact they have a good reputation and are available for a variety of different airlines that you are able to take yourself. Once you make the decision to utilize Fagali’I Airport, you will never go back to using another airport again when you are going to be traveling out of this particular country. There are so many different options available to you, but there is a reason why so many people have chosen Fagali’I Airport for themselves.


Looking for a good airport can be difficult because of all the choices available to you. You can easily visit the Fagali’I Airport website and learn more about the different airlines that they have available and figure out what is right for you. One of the most important things to remember is that there are so many different areas within the airline itself, so you are easily able to catch a flight when it is necessary. Being able to choose a good quality Airline is a lot easier than you might think when utilizing this particular company. By checking out their website, you are going to be able to find out exactly what you need in order to book a flight and get traveling right away.

This is an airport that you can totally count on when it comes to all of your travels according to There are so many people using this Airline every single day and no the fact that it is beneficial to themselves and their loved ones. You are also going to find that booking through this airport is a lot cheaper than many of the other options available to you out in the general public. Because of this, you are going to be able to save tons of money and still be able to take the flight that you need and want right away without having to deal with any type of hesitation in the current moment in time.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Handling the JHSF Development Operations Efficiently

The field of real estate is highly competitive, and many new companies are coming up, which is making this sector even more competitive. One of the companies in Brazil that have contributed immensely to the infrastructure evolution that the country has witnessed in the last few years is JHSF Development. The company is currently headed by one of the most ambitious young executives by the name of Jose Auriemo Neto, who is the son of Fabio Auriemo, founder of JHSF Development. Jose Auriemo Neto has helped in the rapid expansion of JHSF Development over the last few years, which has supported in the multiplication of the company’s revenue as well as net worth significantly.

Jose Auriemo Neto takes care of the retail segment of the company’s business as well and oversees the management of the retail stores and the shopping malls constructed by the company. Jose Auriemo Neto understands the retail sector and knows what the modern consumers are looking for. It is for this reason; he roped in some of the biggest names in the world of designer apparels like Valentino, Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and others to Brazil. Some of the flagship stores of such substantial international names are in Cidade Jardim mall developed by JHSF Development. Other than Brazil, JHSF Development has projects in other countries as well, including in Uruguay and the United States.

Jose Auriemo Neto has also moved along with his family to the United States recently to supervise and oversee the international projects jointly. In particular, he is concerned about the high-value luxury residential project being developed by JHSF Development in New York, which the company plans to give out on rent upon completion. It is one of the long-term income and investment strategies of JHSF Development, which allows the company to have a substantial recurring revenue for a long-term.

Richard “Rick” Smith Continues To Drive The Company Forward

Securus Technologies, the top company which provides penitentiary systems across the Americas with cutting-edge technologies and systems to improve their environment and human resource management, continuous to soar to new heights.

Recently, Richard “Rick” Smith has said that the company regularly receives thousands of emails telling them of how good their services and products are and most importantly, how their innovations have kept inmates, prison staff, and all their families safer. Although many believed that it could be bragging, some law enforcers stepped up and told their stories and experiences with the communication providers. Read more articles at

Securus Technologies treats these emails as a source of motivation to develop more systems for the betterment of prison facilities in North and South America. One of Rick Smith’s ideas on how Securus Technologies can better serve the people is the purchasing of JPay.

JPay is another top company that provides technologies and systems to penitentiaries. They’re currently serving 33 state penitentiaries but their niche is different from Securus Technologies. While Securus’ products focuses mainly on law enforcement and catching prisoners or prison staff committing crimes inside prisons, JPay’s products and services focus more on the human aspect. JPay is the pioneer of providing prisons with electronic payment systems, emails, and providing inmates with tablets for their entertainment and most importantly, their education, through the tablets’ educational apps.

This way, with JPay’s resources and experience, as well as its competitive staff, Securus Technologies can further fulfill their goal of making the world a safer place by improving the environment in penitentiaries because now, they are not limited to the law enforcement part, they can also now improve the correctional aspect where the hope is the inmate will truly turn his or her life around and leave the life of crime for good.

Rick Smith has been the CEO of Securus Technologies and has been chosen to lead the company to greater heights due to his extensive experience and solid educational background that even before he became CEO, almost everybody in the company was already eyeing him to be the one that leads them.

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One of the many positive stories that Securus Technologies received from the law enforcers that use their communication services has specified how the monitoring services of the company have helped them catch a corrupted staff. The employee was helping an inmate contraband drugs inside the prison. With the monitoring mechanism of the Securus Technologies’ system, when they started suspecting of the inmate, it just needed a few commands to restore the conversation that he had with the man that was helping him.

Overall, Securus Technologies’ fame comes from the great developers behind the company and their commitment to improving their services every week. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

Technology; Solving and Preventing Crimes

Securus Technologies is a civil and criminal justice provider based out of Dallas, Texas serving over 3,450 in public safety and over 1,200,000 inmates in North America.

Their main focus is to solve and prevent crimes using technology. They operate by providing detainee communications to correctional facilities.

In 2016, Securus Technologies received an A+ score and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Securus has helped many parolees, inmates, and their families safe which is part of their DNA as stated by Richard Smith, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies. Some examples of this include selected customer comments stating “In addition, the reporting data has enhanced our agency’s proactive measures in monitoring and deterring the incidence of contraband in our facilities.” From some, they are considered the leading jail phone provider due to their excellence in providing information about “behind the scenes”. In return, this helps protect the inmates and the workers present. Not only does Securus offer help to the facilities, but they also provide tablets known as the Securus View Tablet allowing inmates to make calls, listen to entertainment, find jobs and more. In one instance, it allowed two siblings to communicate to their mother at the same time. With this type of technology, parolees can actually listen in on the conversations for those who need help. For more information about their services, you can visit their website at

Lori Senecal’s Time at CP&B Agency

Lori Senecal, the current Chief Executive Officer of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP&B) will resign from her roles in the company at the end of 2017. The company is therefore looking for a person with the potential of leading CP&B to succeed Lori. According to executives from the company, Lori Senecal’s possible successor is an executive officer of Forsman & Bodenfors of Sweden. CP&B partnered with Forsman and Bodenfors agency in 2016. Lori was made the Chief Executive Officer of CP&B in 2015. CP&B is a member of MDC Partners Agency. Prior to becoming the CEO of CP&B, she was the CEO of MDC Partners Network. Lori was also the President of the same organization.

According to, under the leadership of Lori Senecal, CP&B has grown into becoming one of the best global agencies. CP&B was awarded a contract with the American Airlines in 2015 after she assumed office. The company took the place of Tm Agency which had worked with the American Airlines for more than 20 years. The contract improved the global business image of CP&B. Lori Senecal together with Chuck Porter, the President and Chairman of CP&B worked hand in hand in developing a new strong team with the ability of leading the company.

CP&B is expecting a smooth transition as Lori Senecal exits the company at the end of this year. Transitions have started taking place in the regional offices. Danielle Aldrich was made the new President of CP&B West. CP&B West has offices in Los Angeles and Boulder. CP&B has a total of ten offices in the country. All of them are headed by able entrepreneurs whose primary mission is to develop the company and expand its market.

Lori Senecal’s educational background boasts for itself. She is an alumnus of McGill University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and Finance. She has worked in several companies as a senior employee. Lori Senecal was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of KBS. She developed CP&B to a worldwide agency. She was also the President of McCann Erickson Flagship. She has earned numerous awards including the AWNY Game Changer Award among others.

Try $18 Billion “On-For-Size”

We All Want It, But Few Can Live Up To It

You know the dream, and you have everything in place to make it a reality. The real trick is once you get the things you’ve been dreaming about. Achieving our greatest dreams forces us to reconsider the motives we had before.When we see George Soros donating over $18 million in recent weeks, there’s a lot we have to ask ourselves about motive. We all know about how grass seems greener on the other side. We also know about the regrets we have regarding the bad decisions we’ve made. The same things can happen once you earn success, and this may be a surprise.The success we achieve can make us rethink our pursuit. You might come across questions like these: “Why did I want this then,” or “Is this worth the sacrifice”? Living up to the hope of our own ambition can make us rethink the possession of goals to begin with.

Look toward George Soros when you want to second guess your own motives. This man is a great example of reaching your dreams and then living with the reality they bring. Not everyone is ready to live up to the expectations of their greatest dreams. George had to with over a billion dollars to him name. He then gave most of it away.That money came for George at a time when he least expected it. He was never brought down by his own success. The virtue we see in George is in his ability to live up to the expectation of his own success.The day you learn the same is the moment you embrace long-term happiness.

The Lesson We Learn From George

George Soros is a well-known figure in the financial field. His work is recognized by the most successful on Wall Street. There are always lessons hidden in the life experiences of the world’s most successful on this planet. The lessons we learn from George Soros are those regarding goals.It’s possible for success to simply come to a person.That success will be short lived if it does not come as the result of intent. George Soros learned for himself that the dreams he held and pursued had something more to them then just being achieved.This long-term perspective enabled George to teach by the success of his life.

Groups that Advocate for Human, Civil, and Migrant Rights in America

The fight for human rights protection has been part of humankind for a long time. Human rights organizations were established to help man fight injustices for many years ago.

Under the banner of human rights advocates, human, civil and migrants’ rights have been taking the government head-on for failure to protect the people from injustices.

The principal defender of human rights in any society is the government. In democratic societies, governments are chosen by the people so that they can protect their interests. The governments according to the human rights charter of the UN should lead the efforts to have everyone treated equally. Human rights and freedoms are universal and should be applied equally to all people.

The calamity with the government is that they are the number one perpetrators of injustices. For anyone who follows the global politics, violence which is meted by governments on their citizens has been on the rise. Take the case of some countries in Africa and the Middle East. For instance.

National leaders are accused of sponsoring violence against the same people they lead. Governments, therefore, need to be checked by independent bodies. Many organizations are sincere in their efforts to change the situation and are not in the business for financial gains. In the United States, some of the human, civil and migrant groups that have been doing remarkable work include:

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is a not for profit organization formed in 1946. The organization is made up of lawyers and other legal professionals.

Its work is to provide legal support to victims of human injustices as well as consultation and educational services. The organization helps the poor who cannot afford to raise legal fees with pro bono services.

American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) has particularly been active in helping immigrants in the United States who are facing risks of deportation or those who been subjects to acts of human rights violation. The group believes that no one should be prohibited to live in the United States as long as they are qualified.

They are against acts of harassment to immigrants. The organization has also been very helpful to people who are looking to find a permanent settlement in the United States. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA)

Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) is based in Los Angeles, California. The group is concerned with matters of representing immigrants who live in the state as well as the whole of the United States. The group creates social awareness that there is nothing wrong with immigrants.

They are just people looking for better opportunities in life. Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of Los Angeles educates the public on the importance of immigration as a tool of enhancing cultural exchanges and social integration.

Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

The organization has been supporting other organizations that are actively involved in activities that promote peaceful coexistence of the people in Arizona.

They are against inhumane treatment of the immigrant community in the country. The group was started by two journalists who were at the forefront in demanding for equality in dispensing justice to all the people of the state.

The journalists were Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They started the organization with $3.75 million.