The Mighty Works of Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is a private equity company which acts as a substitute from other investment management firms dealing in the administration of hedge funds, distressed investment, and structured investment funds. Together with its affiliate companies, the company is worth an estimated net worth of $14.9 billion with a very broad client base. Being one of the leading global solution firms in the world Highland Capital Management it deals mainly with credit management and in helping customers in the management of other borrowed loans. Examples of these loans they help in managing include credit hedge funds, long –only funds, special situations private investments and many others. As an extended service, the firm also gives advice on how to manage collateral credit obligations.


Over the years, the company has come up with other innovative ways of diversifying the base portfolio and made investments in areas such as public pension plans, government finance planning, charitable foundations, people with high net-worth, advising corporations, financial institutions, and funds of funds. In addition to this, the firm is always on the lookout of other emerging markets as potential investment destinations. To them, the new emerging markets provide investment opportunities in equity and the exploitation of natural resources such oil. As a result of this, the firm has opened offices in places like Singapore, Seoul, Sao Paulo and New York while its main quarters remains in Dallas, Texas.


Another area of interest for Highland Capital Management is the health sector with its main being to assist people with opioid drug addiction. This kind of dependency has been established to affect mostly students and people of the working class in the United States hence the firm wants to invest in research that will develop alternative pain relievers that they will sell. Hence this is predicted to increase the profit margins of the company.


The firm considers itself an active member of the community as it is involved in charity fund raisings and also gives support through its foundation, Dallas Foundation. Through this foundation, other partners of the company also pledge donations that go on to support non-profit causes which help the members of the community.



George Soros is Back in Politics in a Big Way

George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist and investor who made his name with the Soros Hedge Fund back in the day. Now he is mostly well known for his work in politics, pressing for progressive ideals in nations all around the world. Soros had last been a hugely public figure during the 2004 election campaign of Al Gore. Since then Soros has largely been out of the public spotlight. However, the 2016 Presidential Election brought George Soros right back into the mainstream in a big way. Soros’ return to the spotlight was a response to the ascent of Republican President Donald Trump.

George Soros returned to the campaign trail in order to throw his support behind Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton. Soros would end up donating close to $25 million to Clinton and other associated Democrats as the push for 2016’s big election was underway in full swing. Soros was pushed to act by his distaste for how Donald Trump was changing the political landscape. Soros’ own political adviser, one Michael Vachon, said that Soros had been “a consistent donor to Democratic causes, but this year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” While Soros and Clinton were ultimately defeated in the 2016 election it still bodes well for the Democratic Party that Soros has returned. Read more at Politico about George Soros.

If you trace any political ideology you will come to the realization that it can only soar when boosted by grassroots movements. George Soros believes in grassroots political activism that he has made a huge platform out of supporting and funding them. Soros’ Open Society Foundations has been integral in putting money in the right places for activists to make their voices heard during particularly trying times. We only need to look to the past couple of years, including the Ferguson protests, in order to see how Soros’ own reach can impact an event.

The Ferguson protests were ignited when Michael Brown, an unarmed black man, was shot to death by Officer Wilson. The protests sought to shine a spotlight on racial inequality, police brutality, and how the two often meld together in order to create a particularly deadly situation for minority citizens. Soros had donated nearly $33 million to activist groups in the area over that calendar year and that money went straight to turning the protests into a national event. Thanks to these protests we were able to see just how big of a problem police brutality can be. Visit to know more about George.

With all of this being said, it’s hard to forget just where George Soros has come from. As a young boy George Soros grew up in Nazi-occupied Hungary. While there he got to see firsthand just how brutal a regime can be. Since then Soros has spent his life and fortune making sure that can never happen again.

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Lori Senecal: The New York Marketing Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the amazing and talented Lori Senecal from New York City? Well she is the Chief Executive Officer for the MDC Partners agency known as CP+B. Everyone knows that Senecal is an astonishing marketing genius when it comes to communicating with her clients and their goals. Recently, it is reported that Senecal will soon step down as the Chief Executive Officer for CP+B by the end of 2017. Her entrepreneur spirit has helped her to grow the extraordinary company like never before. Senecal was the main person who spearheaded the negotiation of the American Airlines in early October 2015, bringing more respect and credibility to the amazing agency.

Now on to Senecal, the 52 year-old grew up in Montreal with three other sisters. Senecal was always the more entrepreneur type as demonstrated by actions and her grades in middle and high school. In 1987, she graduated from the wonderful McGill University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce in Marketing and Finance. Lori Senecal was always a studious and persistent student. She always tried her best to make sure that she always finished her homework on time so that she can have more free time in college and participate in more academic activities. If she was confused or did not understand a class topic, Senecal would always ask questions because she wanted to make sure that things were done correctly.

Senecal’s luxurious education has brought her to various advertising agencies throughout her outstanding and enduring career. She would never give up when working and interacting with her clients. She would always make sure to keep in contact with her clients because she wants to make sure she demonstrates the best professionalism in the advertising agency. Her experience in digital strategy, integrate client marketing and of course advertising skills have brought her to climb up the corporate ladder in the MDC Partners network. She has held various top executive positions such as President of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, as well as Chief Executive Officer for Crispi Porter and Bogusky. Senecal will continue to broaden her horizons as she departs from CP+B.

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Border Angels and the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund

Border Angels is a non-profit organization that advocates for social justice, human rights and immigration reforms. The non-profit mainly focuses its operations on the America-Mexico border and aims at saving the lives of immigrants.

About Border Angels

Border Angels was founded in 1986 by Enrique Morones who serves as the director and founder of the non-profit. Board Angels has over 1000 volunteers who aim help save lives on the Mexico/ United States border as well as raise awareness in the communities.

Border Angels serves the immigrant population in San Diego County by engaging in awareness, educational and migrant outreach programs. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

For example,every Tuesday, the organization holds a Day Laborer outreach program and a legal assistance program free of charge in their office. Border Angels also offers education programs through community awareness and internships to ensure that volunteers focus on the issues of undocumented migrants and border issues.

The group focuses on humanitarian efforts to save lives by depositing water bottles at remote locations in the mountain and desert. These areas are along the US-Mexico border where migrants mainly travel on foot.

Over the years, approximately 10,000 immigrants have lost their lives due to lack of water and food and extreme weather conditions. During the Summer and Spring months, water is crucial, therefore volunteers are permanently stationed at the rescue centers along the US Mexico border region. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

On the other hand, during the Winter and Fall months, the group establishes life-saving stations throughout the mountain areas of San Diego. Water, food and clothing are stored in winter bins to help reduce the negative health status arising from exposure to freezing temperatures.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by two journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey in a bid to support and fund migrant and human rights organizations in Arizona, Texas.

As co-founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media, they received a 3.75 million dollar settlement that resulted from being arrested in 2007 by Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County Sheriff. The two journalists were arrested in the middle of the night for allegedly revealing the existence of grand jury proceedings.

The main goal of Border Angels and the Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund is to offer funds and support to other groups and organizations that are in alignment with their vision and mission statement.

The two organizations have assisted millions of people via education and awareness programs throughout the US-Mexican border.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Giving The Big Names In Fashion A Run For Their Money

In a global fashion industry that is dominated by a few household names such as Amazon, Kate Hudson is among the few entrepreneurs who have been able to create a niche for themselves. Every industry is becoming competitive. The internet provides a new set of opportunities for all the entrepreneurs who are looking to have a competitive advantage against their peers. Nonetheless, Kate Hudson is among the few names with bragging rights in the fashion industry.


Through her e-commerce enterprise, Fabletics, Kate Hudson is seeking to eat into the market share of Amazon and other big players in the fashion industry. She has succeeded in growing Fabletics from a little-known e-commerce fashion company to a humongous fashion business that is valued at $250 million in just three years. Fabletics employs a subscription model to sell quality wear to its clients. It is widely known that the modern day consumer loves convenience as well as brands that offer more than just a product. That is why Fabletics was keen on structuring its business around membership model that is taking over industries across economies.


The internet age consumer is not only drawn to a product because of its quality or price. Most customers consider other factors such as customer experience, brand recognition, after-sell support and even the exclusivity of designs. These factors inform the client’s decision to stick with or switch brands.


Fabletics draws a lot of inspiration from reputable brands such as Apple and Warby Parker. The fashion company’s subscription model has created loyal clients who are willing to spend more on the quality products that Fabletics has to offer. The enterprise is on track to open more physical stores that will add to the existing ones which are found in places like Hawaii, Florida, and California.


Fabletic’s business model enables it to offer more personalized fashion solutions to the clientele. According to the enterprise’s General Manager, Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics is determined in redefining the concept of high-value brands.


Kate Hudson’s Athleisure Apparel is soaring in popularity, one because it can be worn both inside and outside the gym and two because it’s a quality casual clothing that is available at a lower price. One of the reasons behind the profound success of Athleisure Apparel is that it is designed with the consumer in mind. According to Morgan Stanley by the year 2020, the number of people who prefer activewear in the outdoors is expected to rise doubling the current revenue projections in the US alone.

Market America Hosts Their World Conference

The Market America World Conference is the perfect opportunity for all those who work with Market America to bask in the beauty of this firm. The company has created a number of different products and services for the public, and their employees may all join together at the Market America World Conference.

The conference will bring together all the people from the company who wish to learn more about it, and it will give the employees networking programs that make their jobs easier. Everyone who works with Market America must consider attending the conference now and in the near future.

A Greyhound Journey with Doug Levitt

The Greyhound Diaries arose from a man that wanted to explore the world by way of the Greyhound bus line. Doug Levitt has spent a total of 13 years traveling the world on the Greyhound bus. His journey started out as an effort and then soon turned into a way of living for him. He was able to get an inside look at American society. Coincidentally, he was able to make a prediction about the presidential election of Donald Trump. He was on an assignment that required him to to travel by Greyhound, rallying up voters for the Democratic nominee, John Kerry. Doug Levitt traveled from small city to small city to speak to those whose voices went unheard. He was able to come in contact with all kinds of people, from different walks of life, speaking with them. He found a great interest in what he was doing. He became rewarding to him. After the campaign ended, he continued to travel on the greyhound. He would record stories, make songs, and take pictures of the people he traveled with. He basically documented his life as it was, and everything in it. He was able to provide insight for those that couldn’t travel any other type of way. He observed the fact that every demographic group traveled by greyhound because that’s all they could afford. People like veterans and ex offenders traveled by Greyhound. Levitt was able to capture everything that revolved around the Greyhound bus system and learn more about Doug.

Doug Levitt is a singer and songwriter, specifically known for The Greyhound Diaries. He has traveled more than 120,000 miles by Greyhound. He has been seen on varies news outlets such as CNN, Fox News, and many more. Levitt grew up in a middle class family in Washington, D.C. He is the youngest child. He attended public schools there and graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. He later attended Cornell University and received his master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and read full article.

Kim Dao Introduces Japan Travel Hacks

Kim Dao is a lifestyle and beauty expert who operates a channel on YouTube. In a recent video she showed 10 Japan Travel hacks to people who are planning on visiting the country.

Her first tip was to have wifi as there isn’t very much free wifi available in the country. Kim Dao says that if you have your own wifi you will be much better off; she recommends Pocket Wifi. Her next tip was to get a SIMCARD which you can buy at the airport or electronic stores so that you can use your phone for calling.

Kim Dao says that a great travel partner is Odigo Travel which allows you to plan your trip and have everything well scheduled. It also has tips on places to visit and how to get around, Kim Dao says. She says that the trains in Japan are great, but using them and reading their maps can be rather confusing. She recommends using an app as it makes it a lot easier to get around the country.

Another tip Kim Dao has that Japan is a cash based society and it’s used in most transactions. She recommends bringing a lot of cash with you and exchanging it while you’re in Japan. Her next tip is to use heat packs during winter as it gets really cold. Kim Dao says that she puts on on her stomach to keep warm and on especially cold days she puts another one on her lower back which really helps.

Follow Kim Dao on Twitter at @kimdaoblog for updates.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Contribution to Health Care Management Pushes Research Forward

In 2004, Dr. Scott Rocklage, became Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures. With over 20 years of healthcare management experience, Dr. Rocklage’s role as Managing Partner was more than welcomed due to his extraordinary strategic leadership skills. His direct knowledge of FDA drug applications led to 5AM Ventures successfully achieving the approval of three U.S. drugs, namely; Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin. Ultimately, this approval resulted in six new clinical trials.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry, received from the University of California, in Berkley. Additionally, he received his PH.D in chemistry by attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Rocklage serves as a board Chairmen of Achaogen, Relypsa and Semprus, in addition to being a board member of several others.

5AM Ventures is an advanced life science technology company. They’re dedicated in providing diversified bio-pharmaceutical, medical technology, and research sectors. The company’s strategy is to implement and evaluate innovative technologies within those sectors, as well as corporate spin offs, and essential products that have short development cycles, in order to invest throughout various therapeutic platforms. The forecast outcome, for each investment, is to generate favorable returns within a minimum of three years and a maximum of five years combined.

Dr. Rocklage conducted a lengthy laboratory project, working alongside 2005 Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Richard R. Schrock, where he gained a thorough understanding of organic chemistry and metathesis reaction, a core-foundation of Mr. Schrock’s influential research. Currently, Dr. Rocklage has over 100 peer-reviewed national publications, and he is the inventor, or co-inventor, of more than 30 patents within the United States and learn more about Scott.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Dr. Rocklage contributes to studying new areas of life science, working with entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians, or business executives. His ideas are regularly championed to assist business leaders with implementing strategies, for shaping potential medicines and treating uncharted medical needs and contact him.

Dr. Rocklage’s awareness of being able to target and direct, specific mutations, or genotypes, to treat cancer in as many unique ways as possible, is well sought-after. He has contributed greatly to extending and saving lives, as well as developing medical improvements, for the future and read full article.

Online Options In Business

Are you ready to learn how to build a great business? One of the best ways to have success is to lower your overall cost of operating the company. With the changes that are happening, now is a great time to get started. It is easier than ever to start a company with little money down.

Now that the internet has every industry in the economy, you can start to take advantage of these technological trends in a variety of areas. Now is the time to start your plans for the future in order to grow your company. Jason Hope has a lot of experience in this area, and he is willing to help anyone who is working hard.

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Business Ideas

Jason Hope has proven that he has the business knowledge and experience needed to make a positive impact on other people. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place in the world of business. Not only that, but he has proven to want to help as many people as possible in his life and career. Now is a great time to learn from him. If you need financing help, there are a lot of business financing options out there for you. Not only that, but you can start to see why so many people are starting to take advantage of the changes that are starting to take place. Jason Hope is a great inspiration for people who want to start an online company.

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