Duda Melzer Finds New Ways To Extend The Reach Of The RBS Group

The RBS Group is one of the best-respected media groups in Brazil with a range of radio, TV, and newspapers published by the Sirotsky family and its current leader, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known as Duda. For a number of years, Duda Melzer has been cultivating his career in a bid to create a career he can be proud of and would provide the perfect preparation for becoming the leader of the Sirotsky family and a proficient leader of the company established by his grandfather in the 1950s.

Duda Melzer began his preparations for taking control of the RBS Group when he made the decision to switch his career from making investments with Sweet Sweet Way to attend the Harvard School of Business in 2008. The Move to the U.S. has remained close to the heart of Duda Melzer and has seen his work with the eBricks company to back a number of U.S. based technology startups. Following the completion of his MBA at Harvard, Duda Melzer set out to build his media experience in New York by taking up the role of CEO of the new media business, Box Top Media.

Since returning to Brazil and the RBS Group, Duda has become one of the leading entrepreneurs in the world who has created a career based on his ability to identify the latest trends in new technologies. Although many of the investments of the eBricks brand are based in the U.S. this is truly a global company that takes in a range of different investment opportunities that include the largest Online wine retailer in Latin America and the largest Online ad network in the region. 2015’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year has led the Sirotsky family to a new level of success on an uncharted global stage.

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Sam Tabar Graces New Investors with His Wisdom

Sam Tabar is an attorney and financial investment dynamo. He has worked for many years as a financial capital strategist and in doing so he has made tons of money for himself and his clients. He was trained as a lawyer at Columbia University and while there he formed key relationships that allowed him to land a job at the infamous law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Sam’s responsibilities while here included advising hedge funds and other big investors on the best way to handle their millions of dollars of assets in the market. He handled the issuing of side letters, regulatory and compliance issues, investment management agreements, and fund structuring. This inspired Sam to get directly involved with Investment Advisement and so he branched out and joined Sparx Group in 2004.

Sam Tabar was a rockstar at Sparx Group and so he became the Managing Director and head of Business Development within a few years. Sam wants to share some of his hard earned wisdom about the financial markets so that new investors can make smart decisions that will help them increase their retirement savings and live the life of their dreams. Sam Tabar believes that there is little more important than making sure you have a diversified portfolio of stocks. This matters for controlling risk. If you put everything you have in just one stock you can be wiped out of the market in a single day when things go bad. Even if you just lose a significant portion of your stocks value you will be discouraged and want to give up. Investing is largely a psychological game where you need to make decisions that may feel counterintuitive to win.

Sam Tabar thinks new investors should try to keep their risk down by sticking to mutual funds. These are generally smart and safe investments that profit for their investors year after year.