End Citizens United Is All For Ethics

Doug Jones is running for the position of State Senate in Alabama. He is a former lawyer, and he is currently running as a Democrat. The Political Action Committee, End Citizens United, is helping him every step of the way. End Citizens United believes that Doug Jones is the most qualified, just man to be elected to the position. The opposing candidate, Ray Moore, is a Republican candidate who is loathed by End Citizens United.

Ray Moore stands for conservative views to a suffocating extent where he will impose his views in situations—even if the actions taken in adherence to those views are illegal. He is obviously an individual who lets his own biases irrationally get in the way of protecting the laws.

Ray Moore is interested in making it easier for businesses to partake in unscrupulous activities. Citizens United fits into his agenda, perfectly. Citizens United was a Supreme Court decision that gave big businesses the right to not say where their funds are being funneled, politically. This decision was made in 2010.

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End Citizens United was established out of frustration for the Supreme Court’s decision. Founded in 2015, the organization is all about the cause of making it so that big business are required to disclose where their funds are going. End Citizens United operates on donations that are collected from the grassroots level.

End Citizens United gets involved in politics and attempts to affect who gets elected. They help out candidates that are trying to fight to reform the unfair, pro-big-business laws and precedents that have been passed. The candidates that they support reject the idea of taking money from big business Political Action Committees. End Citizens United is trying to prove that people on the grassroots can valiantly oppose big business if they organize.

End Citizens United supports Bernie Sanders, who espouses the types of values that exist within the core of End Citizen United’s plight. For example, Bernie Sanders expressed the viewpoint that we should all come together to fight the pharmaceutical industry–”big pharma,” for cheaper prescription drugs. This is a big issue, because many people around the world are not able to get the treatments that they need just because the pharmaceutical industry has to needlessly jack prices up. This practice causes a lot of human suffering, and is highly unethical. This is just one example of how big businesses need to be regulated.

Visit encitizensunited.org for more information about the group.

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