Europe Launches the Brexit Commemoration Coins

The United Kingdom exodus from the European Union was a move that many did not expect. The UK referendum to exit from the EU took place on June of 2016. The majority of the citizens forming the EU never imagined that one day they would ever disintegrate. Brexit became a historical event that the world and the Europeans will take some time to erase from their minds.

The exit affected the currency used by the EU, as the UK had to come up with other coins. Besides, the European stock markets felt the impact of the exit.

The majority of the UK citizens feared that the departure would cause an economic risk. Therefore, they started buying gold bars and keeping gold coins in their homes. This was a precautionary measure in case the event resulted in a currency crisis. The move led to a significant decline of gold coins in the market.

As a way of remembering this historical and unexpected event, the cook island developed a program to Mint coins to mark this event. It came with three coins made of silver and gold. The program made 999 fine silver coins, 9999 coins of five-dollar fine gold, and 9999 coins of twenty-dollar fine gold.

The Brexit gold coin bears the effigy of Rank-Broadley and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth the second as well as the Union Jack Flag. All the coins have an outline of Europe map on one side. In addition, the coins have the words “BREXIT” and the date the Britain separated from the EU.

The coin minting company in Europe is using the Coin Smart Trust Investment technology to produce lighter and thinner coins than the previous coins. The coins have different weights and volumes. The silver coin weighs three grams and has a radius of thirteen millimeters. The $5 fine gold coin weighs 0.5grams and has a diameter of eleven millimeters.

The $5 fine gold coin has a mintage limit of ten thousand pieces while the $20 fine gold coin has a mintage limit similar to that of the silver coins.

Notably, the US did not acquire the contract to distribute the coins. Despite this move, the Brexit coin gained popularity so fast, and within few days of its mintage, it sold out.

If you need more information regarding the Brexit silver and gold coins, you can view all the types in the WNN gallery. Also, if you would like to talk or connect with the Coin world, you can sign up for their newsletter, like their Facebook pages and follow them on Twitter.

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  1. Additionally, the coins have been accorded special mintage limit. The pure silver coin has a mintage limit of 2016 pieces. Besides the $20, the fine gold coin has a mass of 3.1 grams and a diameter of twenty-six millimeters. This is a way that essayontime could have gotten over for a long time.

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