Four Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort Wells Receive 9.5 Inches Of Rain

Thousands of skiers from around the world come to the popular resort to ski and enjoy the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Squaw Valley is known for good service, great restaurants, and shops, as well as some of best slopes and trails in the Western part of the United States. The ski season starts in early November, but a heavy rainstorm in October gave the staff additional work this year. The upper mountain area was inundated with 9.5 inches of rain. Four wells located in that area were flooded. The standard procedure is to check the well water after a heavy rain to ensure the water is safe to drink. According to a statement by the public relations director of Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, the October rain storm contaminated the four upper mountain wells.

Liesel Kenney released a statement to the Sierra Sun in November that explained the contamination issue on Kenney told the Sierra Sun that four wells in the upper mountain area of the resort were updated during the summer. The wellheads on the four wells were moved above ground. Those wellheads were below ground before the update. Kenney’s statement confirmed the new system was certified and tested, but when it rained for three days in October, the four wells were flooded. When the rain stopped, the staff inspected the wells and did preliminary tests. Reference:

The tests confirmed an E. coli and coliform contamination in all four wells. Squaw Valley immediately contacted the Placer County Environmental Health Department, and the Squaw Valley Utility District as well as other local health officials, so the wells could be treated to remove the bacteria. All four wells are not servicing the two water systems that supply drinking water to the High Camp and Gold Coast areas of the resort.

The skiers were not inconvenienced by the well closures, and no illnesses were reported, according to Kenney’s statement.

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  1. Three of the four wells were E. coli free after the first treatment, but low levels of coliform bacteria were still present. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is one of the top ski resorts in the Lake Tahoe area. It is of great delight that wrote what they have on them which has proven to be so beneficial.

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