George Soros Is the Great American Success Story

If you read enough, you realize that history tends to repeat itself. It is a troubling inevitability that keeps me up at night sometimes because it is also avoidable. Mahatma Gandhi once famously said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And there is a lot of terrible history to repeat.

Just take the Holocaust for example. It is likely the worst time in human history where more than 6 million Jews were exterminated, more than 17 million Russians died in a brutal war, and the power dynamics of the entire planet were turned upside down. World War II came to an end in 1945. That means many of its survivors are now in their 70s and 80s, like George Soros, and many of them are leaving us.

This is how I see it — without their experience and watchful eye, we are doomed to slide back into some sort of us-versus-them that created the environment capable of starting World War II. You can already see the environment growing as authoritarian leaders are taking over all over the world. You don’t have to look any farther than the authoritarian rhetoric of Donald Trump and his popularity.

That’s why I get very worried when George Soros comes out of obscurity to confront Donald Trump. George Soros is a World War II survivor. He was just a teenage boy when the Nazis occupied his home city of Budapest, Hungary. Oh, yeah, and he was Jewish. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews would be exterminated during the occupation. Fortunately for all of us, George Soros was able to survive because his father got his hands on false IDs for the whole family. Visit to know more about George Soros.

Soros would eventually become a man worth more than $25 billion. He is currently ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 wealthiest people in the world. He has given more than $12 billion of his own fortune to charities around the world. His hedge fund, Soros Fund Management, moves around more than $30 billion in wealth. Somehow his success makes him a target for conservatives. Perhaps those conservatives should get a bit of perspective on the life of George Soros and become critical of their own leader in Donald Trump. Learn more about his profile at

It drives me nuts that a man like George can be vilified. He is one of the few left that can tell us how World War II started, and George Soros is openly opposing Trump in that vein. He is a self-made man; the greatest of American success stories. He was an immigrant to New York City where he started his hedge fund and began building his wealth. Any ill will toward him is 100% partisan and is not grounded in reality.


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  1. You know like they say now one is perfect, so one person may see George Soros as the ideal man and person to be emulated but others may not. It is all about perspective and may help to know the best view that would work for such persons. Maybe he should try to win as Donald Trump has done and them we would see that he is not the perfect one anyway.

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