Kim Dao Introduces Japan Travel Hacks

Kim Dao is a lifestyle and beauty expert who operates a channel on YouTube. In a recent video she showed 10 Japan Travel hacks to people who are planning on visiting the country.

Her first tip was to have wifi as there isn’t very much free wifi available in the country. Kim Dao says that if you have your own wifi you will be much better off; she recommends Pocket Wifi. Her next tip was to get a SIMCARD which you can buy at the airport or electronic stores so that you can use your phone for calling.

Kim Dao says that a great travel partner is Odigo Travel which allows you to plan your trip and have everything well scheduled. It also has tips on places to visit and how to get around, Kim Dao says. She says that the trains in Japan are great, but using them and reading their maps can be rather confusing. She recommends using an app as it makes it a lot easier to get around the country.

Another tip Kim Dao has that Japan is a cash based society and it’s used in most transactions. She recommends bringing a lot of cash with you and exchanging it while you’re in Japan. Her next tip is to use heat packs during winter as it gets really cold. Kim Dao says that she puts on on her stomach to keep warm and on especially cold days she puts another one on her lower back which really helps.

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