Lori Senecal is an Expert in Leadership

Lori Senecal is a successful career woman who has never been a stranger to success. The businesswoman has moved up the ladder in the corporate world, and she is currently one of the most successful women in the society. Lori Senecal represents the few ladies in the American society who have decided to focus on their careers so that they can motivate other individuals in the country. Lori is not only doing well in her career but in her family life too. The fact that she can be able to balance her career and family life speaks volumes about her career. Attaining this success comes with its great share of challenges.


Currently, Lori Senecal is working in an organization called CP+B where she is holding the position of global CEO. This great role is not just offered to anyone in the markets. The main aim of Senecal in this company is to oversee the international expansion and growth, managing and the same time coordinating the ten international offices owned by the company and finally focusing on the global development of this institution. These tasks came with their fair share of challenges in the community, but Lori Senecal has done her part in ensuring that she is successful in all aspects. Check out Ideamensch to see more.


Senecal acquired the position of CEO more than two years ago. It is evident that the career woman has done a great job in bringing the institution to the global market. The business culture in this company has changed so much, and it has impressed people in the tight markets. The large company is now recognized as a leader in the international platform. The agency is one of the most agile, collaborative, inventive and effective when offering its services to customers in the modern markets. The success of the agency is attributed to the leadership skills shown by Lori Senecal. Lori has the ability to focus on the talents of all the company employees, allocating them tasks that they can accomplish with a lot of ease. The career woman has also ensured that the employees are well motivated and compensated so that they do not have an opportunity to complain.



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