Lori Senecal: The New York Marketing Extraordinaire

Have you ever heard of the amazing and talented Lori Senecal from New York City? Well she is the Chief Executive Officer for the MDC Partners agency known as CP+B. Everyone knows that Senecal is an astonishing marketing genius when it comes to communicating with her clients and their goals. Recently, it is reported that Senecal will soon step down as the Chief Executive Officer for CP+B by the end of 2017. Her entrepreneur spirit has helped her to grow the extraordinary company like never before. Senecal was the main person who spearheaded the negotiation of the American Airlines in early October 2015, bringing more respect and credibility to the amazing agency.

Now on to Senecal, the 52 year-old grew up in Montreal with three other sisters. Senecal was always the more entrepreneur type as demonstrated by actions and her grades in middle and high school. In 1987, she graduated from the wonderful McGill University with a Bachelor’s in Commerce in Marketing and Finance. Lori Senecal was always a studious and persistent student. She always tried her best to make sure that she always finished her homework on time so that she can have more free time in college and participate in more academic activities. If she was confused or did not understand a class topic, Senecal would always ask questions because she wanted to make sure that things were done correctly.

Senecal’s luxurious education has brought her to various advertising agencies throughout her outstanding and enduring career. She would never give up when working and interacting with her clients. She would always make sure to keep in contact with her clients because she wants to make sure she demonstrates the best professionalism in the advertising agency. Her experience in digital strategy, integrate client marketing and of course advertising skills have brought her to climb up the corporate ladder in the MDC Partners network. She has held various top executive positions such as President of Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners, as well as Chief Executive Officer for Crispi Porter and Bogusky. Senecal will continue to broaden her horizons as she departs from CP+B.

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