Mike Heiligenstein’s Mobility Solution and Mopac

It was once the argument of Viewpoints editorial that technology would be the one to solve the congestion on the Texas roads. Mike Heiligestein agreed with the editorial even as he challenged his staff at the ‘Central Texas Mobility Authority’ to come up with ways to make this a reality.


Mike insisted that the authority thrives on innovation. The ‘New MoPac lanes’ being built are likely to have technological features to help with the management of traffic. The supply versus demand scenarios would be analyzed and a prediction made to help in the easing of traffic. Here, the idea would be to ensure there is flow on the express lanes in spite of the time.


The mobility body looks to embed ‘fiber lines’ on the road projects that are betwixt US 290 and ‘the port’. The fiber lines will be put in place ahead of the anticipated period when vehicles communicate to roads.


CTRMA and Metropia, an application used to help motorists avoid congested routes, will work well in easing traffic on the roads in Texas. Another strategy is to encourage motorists to share their vehicles with others who are headed to the same destination. Statistics have demonstrated that many a drivers go to work and back home alone in their vehicles.


The need for people to use bicycles more often was highlighted. Walking is also encouraged as a way of easing the number of vehicles on the roads. Again, the igniting and turning off of cars while on the road is another cause of congestion. Now the use of a ‘highway emergency response operator’, to help motorists stranded on the road, will be solution for both the stranded motorists and other motorists on the road.


Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein works for the ‘central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’ which is in Texas. Under his leadership CTRMA is determined to ease the issue of traffic congestion in the state. Mike went to university and graduated with a Bachelors degree. He furthered his education by pursuing a Master’s degree in government and business administration. Mike has encouraged partnerships with the counties of Texas to help ease the congestion problem on the roads of Texas State.




This was an authority set up in 2002 to help in the improvement of transportation in Texas area. The authority operates from Williamson. CTRMA’s mission is to implement solutions that are innovative and expedient to the decongestion of the roads in Texas area.