Rocketship Education and The Trial-and-Error Real World Kind of Education We Need

The educational systems today are caught in a lot of series of challenges that could define their future. Most education today is not catching up with the demands of the market. The schools become a breeding ground for non-risktaking employees who could end up hogging the business market. What we need are risk takers, those who are not nerds and heavily academic people who don’t apply what they learn to the real world.

What’s interesting in Rocketship Education is that it understands its concerns. Further, it wants to fix the system. It wants to integrate apprenticeship and trial and error kind of education that’s not highly dependent on books. Engineers today discover new things not in labs but by accidents, by trial and error.

The Students Put The Best Feet Forward

Right now, the students of Rocketship Education are now putting their best feet forward with the new emphasis on Rocketship Education for this kind of trial and error education. What we need are more risk takers. What we need is for the government to encourage risk-taking among students but protecting them from ruin. We also need to stop bailing out businesses, especially banks, who invest the wrong programs and end up getting bailed out by the government. Now that Rocketship Education is starting its new school year, it is trying to address this and motivate students to not only be good in academics and the books but make sure that they don’t forget the reality.

They should learn all the practical strategies for risk-taking and in making sure that the knowledge they get can be applied to the real world challenges.

About Rocketship Education

Sooner or later, the world will realize that some institutions are scams and diploma mills. They don’t match the needs of the reality, and they keep on creating programs and courses that waste people’s money. Rocketship Education differs itself from these schools because it seems to be apprentice-style kind of education, which is popularized by Nassim Taleb in his book Antifragile.

The students in Rocketship Education get the trademark education that Rocketship’s curriculum is famous for, improving the infinite possibilities of a student’s potential using a collaboration of teachers, leaders, and parents.