Susan McGalla Empowering women

Susan McGalla addresses the difficulties encountered by women as they make their decisions for future. Although many organizations have promoted gender equality, it seems to bear no fruits. Many institutions have a higher number of men than women regarding employment. Susan McGalla is working hard to ensure that women are being granted a chance to access many advanced opportunities.

Although many organizations have recognized the importance of gender equality, the number of women in high-level management is still few. Both small and large businesses have men ranged to better positions in the management. Susan wants to ensure that change is implemented to all levels of management in favor of women.

Susan McGalla is eager to work for change although it might take an extended period. She is willing to offer mentorship programs to women who are ready to venture into business sectors. Susan has written articles on the benefits of granting women many opportunities in the highest levels of management. She has organized seminars and conferences to speak on the importance of women in leadership.

Some of the prominent organizations well recognize her determination for it inspires women in their journey of life. McGalla has achieved most of her goals due to her perseverance and hard work. She has taken all valuable opportunities with seriousness. Susan McGalla says that her home life and childhood contributed much to her success. She grew up in a home of footballers being the only girl. She interacted with men since she was young and concludes that men and women should be treated the same way.

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