Academy of Art University Takes on New York Fashion Week

Stephan Rabimov, founder and President of fashion content outlet DEPESHA, discussed the emergence of the undergraduate and graduate design programs at Academy of Art University. Reviewing the school`s recent show during New York Fashion Week, Rabimov argues that the college is emerging as a powerhouse of fashion education. In 2017, women`s fashion and menswear teams debuted a number of collections.

The school believes that the diversity of its student body makes for a rigorous experience that allows traditions to cross-pollinate and create an environment of true innovation. Debuting a collection is not for the faint of heart, as years and years of painstaking study and honing of one`s technique boil down to a 15-minute fashion show that will set the tone for the rest of a young designer`s career.

Academy of Art University is a private art school located in San Francisco. Although the school has its roots in commercial art training, it now offers a range of majors in the fine arts and media studies. The school has been participating in New York Fashion Week since 2005, a testament to the quality of its fashion program.

The college offers associates degrees for students who prefer career-oriented training, but also offers bachelor`s degrees and even graduate programs. In all, the school offers more than twenty-five majors, including fully accredited programs in Interior Design and Architecture. Among the school`s most successful alumni are designers, commercial artists, athletes, actors, and photographers.

Academy of Art University also operates a vintage car museum in San Francisco. The museum`s collection features some of the world`s rarest and most valuable cars. In addition, the university offers a full inter-mural sports program. The Academy of Arts Urban Knights play in the Pacific West Conference of the NCAA Division II. The school`s sports program is best known for its track and field teams, although it has graduated notable athletes in other sports.